Why Are We Still Talking About Jimmy G?

How many times does one have to beat something for it to be considered overkill? How do we know when the horse has become to dead that the beating must cease? I think I have an answer.

When it’s the year 2020, almost 2021 in fact, and we are still seeing articles posted about how the Patriots screwed up their chance with Jimmy G in 2017. Yep, that’s right. There are still sports reporters out there talking about a “missed opportunity” on an unproved QB THREE YEARS AGO!

“Completely botched” = 2 Super Bowl appearances with 1 win.

I could probably just stop there and Hannable’s argument would be null and void. If winning a Super Bowl is considered “botching” the handling of a player, I have almost a dozen teams that would love to botch the way the Patriots botch. But being the person I am, I’d rather go directly at Mr. Hannable for specific comments he made throughout this pointless, played out topic.

But then came Halloween in 2017 when the Patriots sent Garoppolo to the 49ers in exchange for a second round pick, putting the franchise’s trust in Brady, who was still performing at a high level at the age of 40 years old. Fast forward to now and 2020, the Patriots don’t have Brady after he signed with Tampa Bay and will only receive a compensatory pick in return.

Brady’s compensation has zero to do with the Jimmy G Saga of 2017. Nothing whatsoever. Bill Belichick is brilliant, but I don’t think his powers include looking 3 years into the future to predict how the Brady/Patriots marriage would end. Bill is certainly a wizard, but he’s no Doctor Strange.

The Patriots went from having two really good quarterbacks to essentially none (the jury is still out on Cam Newton).

Cam Newton is really good. If you’ve actually watched football this year and not just perused the game for minor details that fit your narrative, you’d see that Ryan. I don’t need stats to show that Cam has, in fact, been good this year.

At the time of the trade, the thought was the Patriots couldn’t justify paying both Brady and Garoppolo since Garoppolo would no longer be on his rookie deal and the franchise wanted to get something in return rather than just let him walk as a free agent at the end of the year. Also, it was widely reported Brady went to Kraft behind the scenes to get Garoppolo shipped out of town.

No, it wasn’t just a “thought” that the Patriots couldn’t justify paying both Brady and Jimmy, it was a fact. They were not going to pay two quarterbacks starter money when one was going to ride the bench. No team worth anything would go with that option.

And as for Brady going up the back step in Foxboro to meet with Kraft to go around Bill’s back, no one knows for sure if that happened. There have been conflicting reports going both ways, so I will not speak on that. Ryan, on the other hand, can use it to back his bullshit article all he wants.

In that 2017 season, the Patriots ultimately reached the Super Bowl and fell to the Eagles, but after that game (when Belichick benched Malcolm Butler), Brady seemed to have a different attitude towards the organization than a few months prior when he wanted Garoppolo gone.

According to Jeff Benedict’s book “The Dynasty,” Brady went to owner Robert Kraft and said he wanted out of town following the 2017 season because of the way he was being treated and not being shown the respect he thought he deserved (just look to Gisele Bundchen in Tom vs. Time to know more).

Why is it that when a New England sports writer writes about the Patriots, there is an underlying hint of…for lack of a better word, pissyness in their voice? Why are we bringing up Butler? We all know that happened and it has nothing to do with your article.

And when we start diving into Brady changing his tune in the years following Jimmy G’s departure, how was the team supposed to see that coming? The consummate professional for the last two decades was going to play the “I feel disrespected” card? Especially after the team he plays for just traded away his apaprent successor, essentially choosing Brady of Jimmy, it seems out of left field for the former to get all high and mighty on the team.

Everyone knows how the 2018 season went, as it ended with the Patriots beating the Rams in the Super Bowl for their sixth title. With that being said, aside from the AFC title game in Kansas City, Brady didn’t play as big of a role as he did in past years. The Patriots relied more on the running game than in any other year.

This is a very important snippet in my eyes. The whole point of this article is to show that the Patriots should’ve kept the young buck and took the old dog out back behind the shed right? But, in Hannable’s own words, he says that the team essentially won the Super Bowl without Brady being a big part. So this leads me to ask: if this team was good enough to win the Super Bowl with Brady hardly contributing (his narrative, not mine) then what’s the difference if Jimmy G was back there? How does this contribute to his “botched” headline? Hmmm…

Then last year, Garoppolo’s first as a starter, he led the 49ers to the Super Bowl where they fell to the Chiefs. The quarterback didn’t put up outstanding numbers along the way, but he got the job done, which was what John Lynch noted this past offseason.

So when Jimmy G does the same thing that Brady did the year prior, it’s looked at as “getting the job done”, but when Brady did it, it’s downplayed and looked at as another example as to why the team should have just gotten rid of him? Got it. Makes sense.

Looking back now, the Patriots really messed things up by trading Garoppolo in 2017 and not letting things play out into that offseason.

Sure, they wanted to get something in return, but potential franchise quarterbacks don’t grow on trees. The Patriots were in such a great spot when they had both players, especially when it seemed Garoppolo would take over for Brady, but yet they did not play the whole thing out as long as possible.

Oh yeah, they totally should have just let everything play out. Pissing Brady off in the process which would do everything but solidify his departure, while simultaneously upsetting Jimmy G who was very vocal about his readiness to be a starter in the league. And who’s to say that wouldn’t have made Jimmy G say “Eh, you guys didn’t want to commit to me back then, so I think I’m going to test the waters..” And you know for a fact that a team was going to pay more than the Pats were willing to go.

So yeah, they should’ve let this whole thing play out and completely screw themselves. Great idea!

Now, it’s worth pointing out the Patriots may not have won Super Bowl LIII if all this happened, but who knows?

Just a tiny, minor footnote in all the hooplah with the team the last couple years. No big deal. Just a monumental Super Bowl win. Nothing to see here folks. Also, Garoppolo and Brady’s stats were extremely comparable almost across the board in 2019 so again, what part of that was really botched?

Listen, the Patriots were put in a tough position. Get rid of the most beloved figure in that regions rich sports history for an unproven up and comer OR keep said living legend while he is still showing he can do it and trade away the potential perfect replacement the team can ride for years? It’s the ultimate Sophie’s Choice (still haven’t seen the movie so I’m hoping I’m using that reference correctly).

With the information the team had, they made the choice to stick with Brady and go to 2 Super Bowls (winning one) in 3 years while drafting the APPARENT heir in Stidham. Stidham either didn’t pan out or is just going slower than expected, so the team made a play for the former MVP Cam Newton. And sure you can try to point to this year as some sort of proof that the Pats made the wrong decision, but if you are really using the COVID Year as definitive proof for any teams success, you need to recalibrate what your brain.

Jimmy G is on the Niners. Brady is on the Bucs. The Patriots have Newton. Can we put the “Patriots screwed up the Jimmy G” conversation to bed now?

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