The Titans Are Idiots

I am all for the underdog, “everyone vs us” attitude. I mean shit, the Patriots have been rolling with that mantra for the better part of the last decade for crying out loud. But one thing I do not like, is the forced underdog, “everyone vs us” attitude.

Case in point: The Tennessee Titans.

Well that was just nonsense. No idea what the hell is going through Taylor Lewan’s head.

“They hate us! They’re angry at us! They thought we did everything wrong!”

Ummm, you guys quite literally did do everything wrong. So yes, we do hate you and we are angry at you. Because you dingbats couldn’t follow NFL protocol (as shitty as it may be), half the freaking league had to change and adjust their schedules. Not sure what I’m talking about?

You know how they say the moment you see one cockroach in your house, that means you have hundreds? Well if you get caught breaking protocol once for a half-assed little group practice, you’ve probably done it more than once. So yes Mr. Lewan, we all hate you guys.

And you can tell this is the feeling throughout the locker room because it wasn’t just an offensive lineman speaking this trash, the quarterback got in on it too.

Oh you guys were ticked off? Really? Oh no! If only this could have been avoided. If only there was something you guys could have done to not be on everyones bad side and have all these big mean personal things said about you and your teammates! Oh wait…

I hope the Titans lose every single game from here on out. I’m sick of talking about them like they’re a legitimately good team. As long as Ryan Tannehill is their quarterback, I will never view them as a serious threat to anything. As a Patriots fan I’ve seen just how deep the depths of Tannehills suck can go and let me tell you, we have not even breached the surface of that yet this season.

And if you’re one of the people saying “Oh yeah well what about the Patriots! They have multiple cases as well!” Please shut your ignorant slut mouth. There is a major difference between these two teams. One team broke protocol, one team did not. In fact, one team could even be accused of going above and beyond when it comes to keeping it’s players safe and doing what they can to protect lives.

I could compile dozens of different tweets with players, coaches and media members stating how serious the Patriots are taking this, including implementing their own protocols. Oh, and there’s the little thing about how they essentially strong-armed the NFL and that bitch Roger Goodell into postponing their game against the Broncos.

So if the Titans give a shit about the happiness of their fans and NFL fans around the world, they will act like mature adults, wear masks and follow protocols like every other team is supposed to. And if they want a team to model themselves after, look no further than the most dominant team in the league for the past 20 years.

Vrabel should know, he used to play for them. Oh how far the apple has fallen from the tree. Sigh.

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