The Patriots Will Win The Super Bowl

You heard it here first folks.

When the confetti is raining down at the end of this weird season and Bill Belichick is hoisting yet another Lombardi over his head while Cam is in the background wearing an actual Superman cape, I want you to look back on this blog right here. Because I have never felt more confident in my tenure as a Patriots fan than I do right now when I say the New England Patriots are winning the Super Bowl this year.

“But Mike, they just lost a game where the defense gave up 35 points and seemingly couldn’t stop anything! How could you make such a wild proclamation!?”

Well, my simple minded friend, let’s take a look at something here. The Patriots just lost a game where they scored 30 points. How often do you think that’ll happen? This very good defense gave up a whopping 35 points. You think that’s going to be the norm? And all of last year they gave up 4 TD’s to wide receivers while last night alone they gave up 4. You believe this is how this defense is going to look all year? Take this game for what it was: an incredibly promising offensive performance wrapped up in a shitty defensive effort against one of the top 3 QB’s in the league. And you only lost by 5 while having a chance to win it with seconds left on the clock from the 1 yard line. There have been worse losses for this team.

And you also have to remember that for the last two decades Bill Belichick has said that the first 4 weeks of the season are just an extension of the preseason. It’s where teams are still trying to find their identity. And has there ever been a season that encapsulates that more than this, the year of the devil, 2020?

ALSO, what has the media always said about the Pats? If you’re going to get to them, get to them early in the season because once they figure it out, it’s tough to beat these guys. The Seahawks got to them. But it was still a knock down, drag out, heavyweight brawl that felt every bit like a playoff game. Like I said, we’ve endured worse losses than this.

“Okay great, this loss wasn’t too bad. But why the hell do you think THIS team without Tom Brady and a handful of defensive pillars are going to make it to, and win, the big game!?”

Allow me to show you why I feel this way.

This offense is fine. They aren’t even completely healthy/cohesive yet and they just put up 30 points against a well coached team. That’s a positive.

This defense is fine. As Matt Chatham said, they played like trash and had a chance to win the game at the end. If the D even plays to half their potential, the Pats win this game and no one is talking about the play call at the end of the game or how Gilmore didn’t play well or anything else you people want to latch onto today.

Speaking of Gilmore, let’s stop acting like covering DK Metcalf is an easy task. And on that TD he let up, you literally couldn’t cover a receiver any better. Sometimes a well placed ball beats perfect coverage.

And it’s pretty clear that this team really likes playing with each other, and that includes their new signal caller. The first step to having a successful championship run is having a team like enjoys being on the field with each other. And that is doubly important in such a strange year like this when you don’t have real fans to hype you up, all you have is your brothers on the sideline.

I hate the “this was a good loss” narrative, but if we’re being honest, this wasn’t a bad loss. At least in the sense that you shouldn’t be leaving this game with your tail between your legs thinking it’s unfathomable for this team to compete this year. In fact you should be thinking the opposite!

The Patriots weren’t going to win every game. That’s a fact. It’s not something we like to think about in New England because we strive for excellence and expect our teams to strive for it as well, but losses happen. Every single year, each loss feels like the end of the world. But this loss feels different than many others. You never want to lose a game, obviously, but there’s something to be said about the effort put forth by this team and the growth you’re seeing in the young/new players.

So why do I think these Patriots are going to win it all? Simple. They’re really really freaking good. The only other QB they’ll face during the regular season who can give them a run for their money like Wilson just did is Mahomes who they’ll see Week 4. Other than that, this defense will be back to normal as the season goes on and once they get to the playoffs they’ll be firing on all cylinders like the always are. And as for the offense, you have to be an idiot to be nervous about them. They have played two full games together and already look playoff ready for the most part.

So Patriots Nation, get your Super Bowl plans ready. I’ll see you February 7th. LFG.

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