Chadwick Boseman’s Final Tweet Is The Most Liked Tweet Of All Time

In a world where everything is tainted or ruined by some immature asshat who feels the needs to be a contrarian just for contrarians sake, Twitter is THE breading ground for these vile, disgusting human beings. A disease ridden, cesspool of people who will happily attack any and every person they want. I hate the word “troll”, but Twitter is an internet troll’s paradise.

And when a celebrity dies, these wastes of space come out in droves. The “yeah, but..” crew that tries to dig up anything they can in an attempt slight said celebrity after they pass.

I say all that so you can understand just how monumentally unique it is that a tweet confirming the death of an actor is now the most liked tweet to ever exist.

And just to be clear, this isn’t millions of people liking the fact that Boseman passed away, far from it. This is proof positive that this man’a legacy has and will always outlast any piece of art he put into cinema. I have not seen one bit of negativity spewed in his direction since his passing. Not one bit. And in 2020, that is the most surprising thing I’ve seen all year.

The amount of roles this great man has taken and absolutely crushed is actually ridiculous to think about.

James Brown. Thurgood Marshall. Jackie Robinson. And of course, King T’Challa.

These are roles that will never be touched again. Similar to Heath Ledgers performance as the Joker, Boseman embodied every single role he took, and those four I just listed are among the greatest performances any actor has ever done when portraying an iconic character. And not to mention he had the weight of being a black man on his shoulders every single time he got in front of the camera. He strength this man possessed is second to none.

But back to his tweet. How special is that, huh? There was no sponsorship. No product being pushed. No group of half a dozen celebrities, most of which are shitty human beings, banding together to try to “break the internet”. This is ONE man. One very special man who touched more lives than you or I can even imagine.

He met with kids fighting for their lives at hospitals, all while knowing he was fighting that same unthinkable battle. And he kept it quiet. The entire time. That’s a hero.

I’m white. So I can’t begin to comprehend the elation and sense of pride that every single black person must have felt when they saw Boseman grace the screen as Black Panther. And “grace” is a perfect word to describe that performance. He took that role in particular with so much grace and complexity that you felt every single tug of emotion Chadwick portrayed on screen. He ended up being the King of Wakanda, but he has always been a true King at life as well. And selfishly, I hate that I’ll never get to see him suit up as Black Panther and give us one more “Wakanda Forever”.

I don’t need to run through all the things Boseman did on his down time from being an actor. For one, you’ve already seen it all I’m sure. But for two, I don’t feel like tearing up yet again thinking about how the world lost one of the few truly pure, great human beings of our time. We’ve all had that time to mourn. But I think we should celebrate what a life this 43-year old lived.

The true test of how you lived your life is how you’re remembered after you take your final breath. And judging by what I’ve seen so far, Chadwick really was one of the best of us. I truly hope that Boseman is looking down and seeing the outpour of love that he has garnered for just being a great man.

Rest in Power Chadwick Boseman. You were taken far too soon. You very clearly had so much more to do, but rest assured that what you accomplished in your life with last generations.

Wakanda Forever.

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