Cat Assaults Man While Walking His Dog

When the apocalypse finally happens and every species is put in front of whatever higher power there is for judgement, this video will be presented as a proof positive that cats are evil and don’t deserve to make it through the pearly gates.

Fuck cats.

Absolutely sniped. Ninja (is Ninja still big in the gaming community? I’m not as hip to the ins and outs of what’s cool in the gaming world) would be jealous of the accuracy of this take down by kitty cat here.

But this video not only shows just how terrible cats are, but also just why dogs really are man’s best friend. This good boy notices his owner go down and immediately looks for the culprit of such an act of terrorism.

And once he finds the guilty party, he goes on the attack. This is why dogs will always be better than cats. When was the last time you saw a dog kamikaze out of a third story window just to attack a dog and it’s owner taking a peaceful stroll on the sidewalk? Never. You would never see that. The dog would just look down at his fellow canine com padre and be happy that he’s being taken care of by such a loving human.

Cats on the other hand? If they see you relaxing or having a good time, they must mess it up. Think about that the next tie your cat starts scratching you couch, biting your clothes or otherwise causing a ruckus when you’re just sitting there chillin.

Think about it. Cats suck.

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