Dont’a Hightower Used Epic Super Bowl Comeback To Get His Wife Through Labor

As a husband, or just a father in general, it’s your job to do whatever you can to help your wife get through labor. Whether it’s letting her squeeze the ever living shit out of your hand or feeding her those little ice chips like feeding carrot’s to a horse, it’s your job to do what you can to help out.

Granted I am not a father yet and I actually don’t really know if “hospital ice chips” are a thing or if it’s something Hollywood came up with for their movies and shows. But now I, and any future fathers, have another tool in their toolbox to pull out during such a momentous moment.


Let me just get some housekeeping out of the way real quick: Fuck the Boston Globe and their owner who, lest we forget, refused to reach his old, wrinkly hands into his checkbook in order to sign Mookie Betts.

Now back to this wild story of a soon-to-be-husband breaking out the big guns to help guide his laboring fiance those final few yards to the endzone and give birth to their newborn son.

There is quite literally no better way to enter this world than having your father, who was a part of the greatest comeback in professional sports history, recall that game in order to inspire your mother, who has been in labor for 17 hours pushing you out of her body, to give that one final push. Grayson Hightower’s first words he heard when he entered our world were “Never give up!” and if you don’t think that he is going to live his life by that very motto and become the next Patriots legend when he becomes of age, come back to me in 2060 when Grayson is put into the Patriots Hall of Fame.

Imagining Hightower slowly start to whisper “28-3….28-3….28-3….” doing his best Babyface Bob from The Longest Yard is hilarious to me.

All joking aside, it seems like Hightowers fiance, Morgan Hart, was all in for the motivational chant and that’s just awesome. Get you a girl who finds the will to finish HAVING A BABY because she’s reminded that the Patriots came back down 28-3 to become Super Bowl Champions. That’s wife material.

Dont’a is a motivator and always has been. ’28-3′ is about what you can do as a team and, in this case, it was the two of us as a team. He kind of renewed my spirit that he was in this with me, and if I wavered at all, he was here to pick me back up. He got me through it, for sure.

I think I’m going to start using “28-3” as my motto to keep going from here on out. Especially on people who don’t pay attention to sports. “Never give up” is too straight forward, I want my peers to be flat out gobsmacked as to why I just threw out random numbers at them after the vent to me about how bad their day has been so far.

Having a bad day because of a tough customer? 28-3.

Get fired from your job because of COVID? 28-3.

Did you get pulled over on the way to work which made you late which caused you to get your ass reamed out by your boss? Buddy….28-3!

So just remember friends, when you feel down and out or like there’s just no way to push through the pain of whatever you’re doing, just remember this: the New England Patriots came back from being down 28-3 completing the greatest comeback in sports history while simultaneously castrating the entire Falcons organization beyond repair and solidifying Bill Belichick and Tom Brady as the greatest to ever do it at their positions.


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