Cam Newton Will Be A Great Patriot

Cam Newton spoke to the local media for the first time since his rather shocking addition to the New England Patriots today. And boy oh boy was there a lot to like if you’re a Pats fan.

First and foremost, we gotta start with the outfit. We didn’t even get a full glimpse of what Newton is capable of in the clothing department, but if this sneak preview is a sign of things to come, then sign me up!

I’m not even sure what’s going on here. The hipster-type glasses will always be a staple for Cam moving forward to that part is to be expected. But is that a blue, textured sweatshirt under a checkered jacket with flowers on it? My goodness that type of fashion hasn’t even been invented yet. I’m sort of surprised he didn’t have a customized mask or face cover though. I think I like it though. My quarterback doesn’t need to make a statement when it comes to just being safe. Good on ya Cam!

But other than introducing his Newtonesque fashion to New England, Cam had some pretty good soundbites as well that is sure to make Pats fans happy for once this offseason.

If you thought there was going to be some sort of friction between Newton and Belichick or if Cam was going to feel disrespected by his low contract number, you can stop that train before it get’s started.

As probably the most important relationship on the team, Newton and Belichick starting off on the right foot is great to hear. Of course everyone started to question (privately or publicly) if such a vibrant character like Newton would mesh with someone like Belichick, but that thought doesn’t even make sense. This notion of Belichick not liking individualism, celebrating or fun in general is asinine.

Ask any player that has ever played or is currently employed by the Patriots and they will all tell you the same thing: The Bill Belichick you see in front of the camera is very different than the Coach they see day in and day out on the practice field or in the locker room. So rest easy Patriot Nation, it looks like the coach/QB relationship is starting off on the right the side of the bed.

And if you were one of the people surprised that the Patriots actually went through with signing the former MVP, you’re not alone..

Patriots fans are different. We like our players to love playing for our teams just as much as we love watching them play for our teams. And Newton seems to be saying all the right things right now about being a part of this team. Will he keep that excitement when the going gets a little tough this season? Who knows. But just like his comments about the coaching staff, we’re starting out on the right foot here.

Something that stuck out to me for this entire interview is that Newton is focused, ready and he knows what he’s stepping into coming to New England.

Newton isn’t blind to the fact that he is replacing arguably the greatest sports icon in New England sports history. Like he said, it’s a challenge he accepts everyday. And he’ll have to accept it every game because the second his play starts to slip, if it does, there will be a small but vocal minority of Pats fans who will start pining for their old QB. When the “We Want Brady” chants start, hopefully Newton can block out the noise.

And as for him waking up mad everyday, holy shit that made it move. I like my quarterback playing angry with a chip on his shoulder. The best way to motivate is to self-motivate and that doesn’t look like it’s going to be a problem for Superman.

I think the NFL media and fans in general need to adjust their outlook on Newton. There’s this stigma that he’s all in it for himself or that he’ll be too big of a character for Belichick to handle (HA!), but everything I’ve seen and read so far has been quite the opposite. He seems to have his head on straight and ready to show every team that passed on him what a mistake they made. He’s ready to be a Patriot. And this organization seems to feel the same way.

There we plenty other notable quotes and soundbites from Newton during his time with the media, but all that really matters is that it seems like he’s ready to prove to himself that he’s still the same QB that won the MVP 5 years ago. And if that’s the Cam Newton the Patriots are getting, then it looks like the 20 years of dominating the NFL is going to continue…at least for one more year.

So while the on the field aspect is still up in the air, I think it’s safe to say that Newton has firmly bought into the Patriot Way and is ready to wear the flying Elvis with pride as he takes the Patriots to yet another Super Bowl. Yeah, I said it.


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