Patriots Need To Sign Delanie Walker

The New England Patriots have made a very wealthy living off of signing aging veterans towards the end of their career, rejuvenating them and squeezing every last drops of production out of them.

And it looks like they have their eyes on a nice, ripe piece of fruit ready to be picked off the Veteran Tree.

Walker is a great fit to step in at tight end for the Pats. Having a veteran in that room to mentor Devin Asiasi and Dalton Keene would be the perfect introduction into the league for the two 3rd round picks.

I’m old enough to remember the last time the Patriots had a veteran tight end on the roster (Alge Crumpler) to mentor two promising young studs at the position. Sure, one of them turned out to be a serial killer, but the other one turned out to be arguably the most dominant tight end to ever play the game! Who’s to say that this isn’t a similar situation?

I’d also like to take this time to address some people/media members directly: Matt LaCosse is not the second coming of Rob Gronkowski. I feel like I need to say that because when he opted out of the 2020 season, you’d think that the Patriots just lost a major piece of their offensive puzzle.

Newsflash people, you could remove any one of the Patriots tight ends and they’d still be in the same position they are now: young and inexperienced. I’m sorry to break it to you guys, but LaCosse wasn’t making a major difference to this team one way or another.

So look for Belichick to once again take someone else’s trash (sorry Delanie, I don’t think you are trash. You’ve been a joy to watch and an even better joy to have on my fantasy team a few years ago) and turn it into a vital cog on the championship wheel that is the New England Patriot offense. It just makes too much sense! Get a veteran who can split time with two promising rookies while simultaneously shepherding them through their first year as a professional football player.

BUT now that I think of it, it may make too much sense. So much sense that Belichick knows it makes so much sense that he may go the complete opposite direction and just let it ride with his young TE room. OR MAYBE Bill knows it makes too much sense and that the league may not think he’s going to do it which is the exact reason why he will do it! This offseason is messing with my head.

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