Wife Films Husband Screwing Multiple Chickens

Everybody has their kinks. Asphyxiation. Latex. Cucks. Those things you put in your butt that make it look like you have an animal tail. To each their own, you know?

But I feel like there’s definitely a line out there and Rehan Baig just found it.

This guy gives new meaning to the term “choking his chicken” amirite?

You know what’s wild about this? The real messed up stuff about this guy get’s buried a few paragraphs after the chicken news!

He also admitted downloading indecent images of children, possessing extreme pornographic images relating to sex acts with dogs and chickens and drugs offences.

So we’re just grazing over the whole child pornography thing? I understand that this guy taking a few chickens from behind is a hilarious headline, but this Rehan guy is a piece of shit. We’ll get back to the jokes in a second, but fuck this guy. Anyone who has child porn deserves to have his dick chopped off and be buried under the jail.

Anyway, back to this monster molesting innocent chickens.

Better yet, I feel like the wife is skating by here without enough criticism. At least Rehan was getting some sort of pleasure out of stuffing these chickens, his wife on the other hand? She was just the cameraman. How is that fun for you? Who gets off to watching their husband fuck an animal?

Speaking of animals, this guy was doing sex acts with dogs too!? Wait, excuse me, extreme sex acts with dogs!? What the fuck is wrong with people.

The last interesting part of this article is this little tid bit here:

The court heard that enquiries would need to be made to see whether the acts were committed on one day or on separate days.

“The court may take the view that if these are acts that have taken place on more than one day that would make a difference in terms of sentencing,” suggested Miss Langford.

Forgive me for being harsh, but I don’t care if this guy had just one crazy night with a few cocks or if he had a long term friends with benefits relationship with these poor things. HE PUT HIS DICK INSIDE MULTIPLE CHICKENS AND DOGS! Put him under the prison and call it a day.

P.S. I’d like to see him try and hump this guy into submission..


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