End The MLB Season

What’s wrong with baseball? I ask that genuinely as a very big baseball fan and with the utmost concern. Why can’t this sport just…figure it out? The times are going and the MLB just can’t quite keep up with it.

I mean, this is a sport that, in a time where posting clips of sports on social media is king, decides to continue to strictly copyright every single MLB clip out there preventing any regular person from posting a great catch or game winning homerun unless you have the correct credentials. Do you know how assbackwards that is?

And now this:

Wait, wait wait…did Rob Manfred not know how bad the MLB has been at protecting players from COVID outbreaks? What’s Manfred’s job again?

***checks notes***

HE’S THE FUCKING COMMISSIONER OF THE GOD DAMN LEAGUE! It’s quite literally in his job description to make sure HIS LEAGUE is safe for HIS PLAYERS. And yes, that includes doing what he can to prevent a global pandemic from impacting HIS LEAGUE and infecting HIS PLAYERS. What are we even doing here for this season? They had zero plans in place to combat this outbreak. Zero.

At this very moment I am watching the Red Sox play lose to the Yankees and its infuriating. But not because my team is an absolute dumpster fire this year and should be embarrassed by the pitching staff they’ve stumbled into this shortened season with, no. But because I see players wearing masks in the field, but not at home plate. How does this make any sense!?

When you are in the field, correct me if I’m wrong here (which I’m not) but I’m pretty sure you’re more than 6 feet away from anyone most of the time right? How about when you’re up at the plate? You’re normally within cup-checking distance of not one, but two people at all times. And I’m not saying players should only wear masks at the plate and not in the field either. They should be wearing masks AT ALL TIMES. Why is it so difficult for baseball, and our country as a whole, to understand the simple fucking act of wearing a freaking mask!?

And what makes it even more baffling is that it’s not even like everyone is wearing them or everyone isn’t. Its calamity out there! The ump has a mask on yet the catcher and the batter are both going pseudo-commando with no face cover at all. There’s some players with the face covers acting as a cute little scarf while they high-five and sit right next to their teammates. HOW DOES ANY OF THIS MAKE SENSE!

This brings me back to Robby Manfred. How is there not a mandate that every plater/coach/ump has to wear some sort of face cover at all times? Or how about this radical idea, why not put your entire league in some sort of enclosure huh? Perhaps call it a bubble? I wonder if anyone else has thought of this fascinating idea..

Oh so you mean to tell me that the other two professional sports that have recently come back have implemented some sort of system in order to keep their players safe while baseball, per usual, is so far behind the 8-ball that they haven’t even picked up their cue stick yet? Okay so it’s just business as usual then.

But hey I’m sure it’s not THAT bad for MLB teams, right?

I love baseball. I really do. But we all need to just cut our losses and, in the words of Jon Taffer, shut this shit down. Now. It’s borderline criminal to keep this season going. Let’s be honest too, as much as we all love baseball, it’s going to get demolished by playoff hockey and the NBA season starting up. And just wait until the NFL comes back. Sheesh. That’s a murderers row of bad timing for America’s Greatest Pastime.

***Disclaimer: The idea to shut the season down is a completely unbiased opinion. Certainly has absolutely nothing to do with the Boston Red Sox being an embarrassment to the entire region of New England. Nope. Definitely not that***

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