Joe Kelly Is A Legend

Baseball Twitter has been set ablaze by former Red Sox great/legend/Yankee Killer Joe Kelly. For what, you ask? For providing some good old fashion self-policing of this great game we call baseball.

Juuuuust a tad inside. But hey, Kelly himself admitted that he sometimes has no idea where the ball is going when he lets it go. Which is especially dangerous when you have a guy who can routinely hit the upper 90’s every time he steps foot on the mound, but that’s the chance you take when you step in the box against Machine Gun Kelly.

The control issues didn’t stop at Alex Bregman though. Carlos Correa stepped up to bat after and wouldn’t ya know it, damn slider just didn’t break!

As much as we all joke about how Kelly might as well be on the mound pitching with his eyes closed most of the time, it’s not tough to jump to conclusions here. We all know what this is. Regardless of what the Dodgers may say after the game, we know what the intent was here.

And guess what? IT IS WHAT IT IS. The Astros cheated. And they cheated for a while. I, for one, don’t really care, but I know that there are many fans and players alike who took it personally that there was a team who was sullying the game they love. And if they want to take it out on them by throwing at every Astro in the batters box every chance they get? Then so be it. Houston made their beds, now they have to lay in it.

The funny part here is watching people all over Twitter bitch and moan about this like they weren’t calling for this EXACT THING to be done the second the news broke about the giant Astros cheating scandal to begin with. But now that it’s actually happening everyone is all like HOW COULD JOE KELLY DO THIS HE HAS NO REASON TO HATE THE ASTROS! Yes he does. He lost to them while they were cheating. Pretty cut and dry.

Baseball fans across the country should be applauding Joe Kelly right now though. This is what baseball needs. It needs a wild card, loose cannon who literally does not give a fuck and will throw at/fight anyone, anywhere, anytime.

May the Baseball God’s protect Joe Kelly at all costs. He’s just doing what every pitcher in the league wants to do when Bregman, Correa or any other Astros player steps up to the plate. And guess what? If you don’t like it or you think Kelly is a punk or a bully or he shouldn’t be throwing weaponized spheres at peoples heads, guess what? Boo HOO! Go watch another sport. Oh yeah, you can’t.


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