Tom Brady And Gronk Are Insufferable

Oh wait, I’m sorry, or should I say Thomas and Robert are insufferable..

I think I’m in the middle of an epiphany right now, but…is this how you’ve all felt about Brady for as long as he was on the Patriots? He couldn’t have been this annoying the entire time right? I know rose-colored glasses are a real thing, but there’s no way we as Patriots fans were this blinded, right? RIGHT?

I always thought the hatred stemmed from him curb stomping your favorite team over and over again but, could it be that you all just found him insufferable as a human being?

When it comes to Gronk, this is normal. Everything he does annoys me now. The guy “retires”…wait…before his fake retirement he threatened to leave the game when Belichick wanted to trade him to Detroit for a first and second rounder back in 2017. Essentially forcing Bellichick to hold on to him and while granted it didn’t turn out badly for the team, hindsight is always 20/20 and it would’ve been nice to grab two high draft picks for an aging tight end. Who knows what the team would’ve drafted with those picks.

Then he goes and makes a mockery of professional wrestling! No, I’m not one of the “it’s still real to me dammit!” people, but I don’t like when celebrities or athletes dip their toe in the WWE just to get a paycheck and don’t seem to give a shit while they’re here.

And now he’s sitting here denying that this was the plan all along? To leave Big Bad Belichick, take a year off and heal up and pop back up when your partner in crime taps out up in New England and leaves town? I smell bullshit.

You got all these Bus fans and Pats haters being all like “OoOoOoOoh your boy Gronk is gonna go tear it up down in TB with TB. AREN’T YOU JEALOUS!?” Umm, not at all. Did you watch Gronk play his last year in the league? Other than blocking, he was only good for short spurts of production. You think a year plus off is going to make that better? With the way he plays? Good luck with that.

Add to all this that nice little “I’m having fun playing football again” quote that Tommy threw out there a few weeks ago, and I think it’s about time we cut the cord with TB12. Last time I checked, winning is pretty fun right? Or at least that’s what you spewed to us during every press conference when people asked if it was fun in New England. But I understand at the end of your career you want to play with weapons and a more laid back coach, but don’t lie about it pal. Just admit that you tapped out from Belichick’s choke hold he had on you all your career and no one would blame you.

But instead you take the high road in public but swerve to the low road in private. It’s fine. It really is. And a lot of this very well may be sour grapes, but guess what? You’re supposed to hate your significant other after a break up right? The healing hasn’t started yet! So for the time being, Brady and Gronk, if you’re not with us, you’re against us. And I don’t see a flying Elvis on your helmet anymore so you do the math.

P.S. Just gonna drop this here..


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