Multiple Patriots Players Opt Out Of Season

We were on some shaky ground for a while there, but it finally seems like the NFL is officially going to have a season this year. And while Patriots fans have been nervously counting down the days to kick off, it’s easy to forget why there was hesitancy with having a season to begin with.

Whether you’re one of these Coronavirus Truthers or you’re one of the smart ones taking it seriously, you have to understand that this is a scary time for athletes. They’re about to go back into a locker room where they’ll be shoulder to shoulder with dozens of other guys while traveling from state to germ infested state as they try to bring you, the fan, some semblance of normalcy while the world crumbles to shit.

So, as a Patriots fan, when I see news like this, it’s tough to be too upset.

These were delightful tweets to wake up to as a Patriots fan. Just great. In a season where Brady retreated to Tampa and lured Gronk out of retirement to join him like an eldery pied piper, Patriots Nation has been on edge since March. And the last thing we needed was another punch to the gut like this.

With two vital cogs in the wheel like Marcus Canon and Brandon Bolden already having sent in their opt-out pink slips, it’s easy to understand why New England is getting a little worried with what’s been happening this offseason.

But let me make one thing perfectly clear here, there is only one way to respond to this news: Oh well, they’re doing what they think is right.

I’m not saying football is “just a game”, because being from New England, that would go directly against everything I believe in. But I do believe that there are things more important, and in this case, that’s the family and well being of the players from my favorite team. I can’t fault someone who just had/is expecting a child or has previous health issues for not wanting that added risk in their life. I mean, they already go out every Sunday and have a few dozen car crashes on the football field for my entertainment, who the fuck am I to tell them to risk their lives even MORE?

If you find yourself getting upset at these players for choosing to try to keep their families safe instead of playing football, you’re an idiot. And buckle up too, because this is just the beginning..

And it’s not like the reserve is completely empty when it comes to trying to replace these guys. The Patriots drafted and still have some viable DB’s to take the place of Chung and with Ja’Whaun Bentley hopefully having a healthy season and stepping into that starting LB position, the hit won’t be so drastic to where this defense falls to the bottom of the league. And lest we forget, that side of the ball is also ran by the greatest defensive mind in the league named Bill Belichick.

When it comes to the offensive line though, there is no replacing Canon. You just gotta hope that Newton’s elusiveness will make it easier on the OL blocking and make that hole not so seemingly glaring.

There is one great thing that has come out of this deflating news though, and that’s this single tweet by Adam Schefter:

Do you understand how much property you must have in peoples heads when they are legitimately thinking that you somehow have a plan that is intertwined with players dropping out due to a global pandemic that will somehow lead to you being on top of the league once again? That’s King shit right there.

My GOD it’s great to be a Patriots fan, isn’t it?

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