Superman Meets His Sidekick

Hype videos have always played well up in New England. Whether it’s one made by the team or made by a certain GOAT quarterback who took his talents to Tompa Bay (holy shit does that nickname suck), hype videos always get New England’s collective heart racing about an upcoming season.

And with the world in utter chaos with questions about when or how sports in general will ever come back, Cam Newton has taken over the responsibility of making sure Patriots fans stay ready for this season. And this video he just posted is the best of them all..

Simple, yet perfect. Just enough to wet the whistle as they say.

Newton has already posted videos of him working out with future weapons like Mohamed Sanu and N’Keal Harry, but I think this was the video Patriots Nation was craving. All videos prior to this were like foreplay but THIS, this was the happy ending we were all waiting for.

It’s no secret how close Jules and Brady were. So when Brady opted to high tail it out of town in search of a lesser team, there was certainly some questions about how Edelman would handle it all. And while one video won’t tell you how the season is going to go, it sure as shit puts some Pats fans minds at ease seeing their #1 receiver working out with his new signal caller.

Of course all the younger/new Patriots are going to be anxious to get on the field with Newton, Edelman is a little different. Jules is the old guard. The OG of the offense. Him being on board with Cam starting and building chemistry before the season even starts is crucial for this teams success. And judging by, not only this video, but by the few interactions they’ve had on Instagram, it’s clear that the entire team is now ready to move forward with Superman as their leader. No offense to Stidham by the way, sometimes good things take time, and that’s how he should be viewing his career.

Oh, and any time you put Down With The Sickness in a hype video, you got me hooked. I’m not sure if Cam picked that out himself, but if he did, good on ya mate!

The King is headed North.

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