Why Is Hump Day “Hump” Day

I saw this tweet today and it made me think..

It’s the age old question right? Why do we call Hump Day, “Hump” Day?

Is it because it’s directly in the middle of the week or is it, to be frank, because of the humps themselves? There’s an argument to be made for both sides.

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A regular work week for most American’s out there is Monday – Friday, right? The middle of that work week would be Wednesday. The hump that one must get over in order to be on the road to the weekend.

In many people’s opinion, or maybe just mine, Wednesday the last day of the where one needs to actually put it any effort during the work week. Because if we’re in the trust tree here, Thursday, the third day**, is almost like a fake day. You’re sitting there going through the motions pretending to be making your phone calls or closing your cases or whatever other other medial task you’re ordered to do at your place of business. And when you’re not mindlessly scrolling through social media or taking a slightly long lunch, you’re sitting there trying see what work you can push off to Friday.

Speaking of Friday, that’s just a pregame for the weekend. You’ve made it! You survived to the end of the week my friend! Take a day off and relax. You know that “work” you lied to told yourself you’d finish up on Friday? Yeah, go ahead and let that roll over to Monday. No need to stress yourself out before the weekend. And God forbid something keeps you at work longer than you should on this day. Can’t have that.

So it all comes back to Wednesday. Wednesday is the last day where any actual effort needs to be put forth in order to get through your work day.

But anyway, we got off on a bit of a tangent there. Wednesday is the embodiment of that “hump” we all must get over in order to be halfway through our week. And for that, being dubbed “Hump Day” seems pretty appropriate.


Without looking up the definition, when you think of the word “hump” what do you think of?

Sex. We’re talking sex people.

I know there are m,ore cool, hip words for intercourse floating around nowadays, but nothings better than a good ol, well placed hump. And if you’re going to tell me there’s an entire day labeled as Hump Day? You best believe I’m going to think that day is full of humps. Both of the dry and regular variety.

While both sides have very strong arguments, there’s one that tips the scales in one direction in my eyes. And it goes back to what I said at the beginning of this written journey we’ve gone on here: what is a “regular work week” for most American’s in this day and age?

I work in sales and know many other people that do, and let me tell ya, I have not worked one “normal American work week” in years. I work every Saturday and most Sundays. So Wednesday isn’t in the middle of the week for me, it’s just another day. And I venture to guess that more and more people aren’t working normal 9-5, Monday – Friday jobs anymore, so that begs the question: why call Wednesday Hump Day anymore if it’s not really a hump in the middle of the week for most people anymore?

But while not everyone has regular work weeks, I can assure you can everyone has the capability to hump.

So in conclusion my friends, Hump Day is for the humps, not for the middle of the week. It is decided.

**In case you didn’t know why I called Thursday the “Third Day”, here you go..

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