Cam Newton: King in the North

“You know what makes this shit different?… they ain’t never seen this Cam….you wanna know how I know? Shit I ain’t ever seen him….the forgotten Cam…the shitted on Cam…the tired of being sick and tired Cam…”

What’s it going to take to make the rest of the league realizing that they are completely and utterly fucked this season?

Let me get this straight: the most physically imposing QB of the last, oh I don’t know, decade let’s say, seems to have a chip on his shoulder reminiscent of the one the 2007 Patriots had when they unleashed their own personal vendetta on (almost) every pour soul they played that season? And you guys actually let that former MVP go to the mastermind to coordinated that same scorched Earth tour all those years ago? How does the NFL continue to let this happen!?

And for anyone who’s still curious if Cam is excited to be going to New England, take a look at his face at the end of this video:

“We’re going North…”


Cam Newton…Bill Belichick…Josh McDaniels…you scared yet?

P.S. I have a gripe to pick with some of these media members and fan’s who are tweeting and saying things like this:

Riddle me this, where were these comments when Tom Brady was posting hype videos every week during the playoffs? Where was the “I wanna see the vids of the veteran QB who can prove he still has it” comments, hmm? Why does it seem like fans and media members alike are rebelling against every single piece of excitement Newton or his teammates post about playing the upcoming season together?

I understand that, whether you think it’s right or not, Cam Newton has something to prove to the league. Prove that he’s still the same MVP-caliber, game-changing QB that went 15-1 in the not too distant past. But why is it that we can’t indulge in some harmless hype videos like we used to when 12 was under center without being scolded by media members and fans of the old guard who refuse to accept reality?

Get on the Bam Bam Cam Train or go buy one of those ugly ass Tampa Bay jerseys. We got work to do in New England and have no time for your nonsense.

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