The Newton/Patriots LoveFest Begins!

With each passing day my anticipation for Cameron Newton to be wearing #1 in a Patriots jersey grows tenfold. You know what accelerates that feeling? When the team and Cam go back and forth on social media.

It’s a bukkake of love between the Pats and Newton the past few days and I, for one, can’t get enough!

First of all, can we address this video? Did it move for you? Ladies, this applies to you too. It made it move, didn’t it? Yeah, it did..

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Hungrier than ever.

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This is an A+, top of it’s class, hype video. And ya know what, they don’t just throw these out there for backups either. Cam will be the starter come…whenever the hell the NFL season actually starts.

Oh, they posted this little teaser before their Hype Video Porn too. Just formally welcoming the soon-to-be Super Bowl MVP this season.

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And just to make it known that this amazing video didn’t fall on deaf ears or eyes, Superman himself let Pats Nation know that he saw it and loved it. Still have to get used to the super futuristic font, but that’ll come with time.

Speaking of Cam showing love to his new team, Clark Kent (he’s in his civilian clothes so it makes sense) posted this. Hitting the books no doubt learning the complex engine that is the Patriots offensive system. Also a little caption referencing his new teammate Julian Edelman..

Speaking of the greatest slot receiver of all time, he noticed Cam putting in that work as well!

And this came after Jules already posted the best photoshopped picture these eyes have ever seen. Again, I’m not sure why, but every picture I see like this is borderline erotic at this point. I think I just want football back..

Add to all this the fact newly healthy Mohamed Sanu has already been working out with his new signal caller and you have all the ingredients for Patriots fans to be irrationally optimistic for what’s to come this offseason.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go take a cold shower and watch Cam Newton Highlight videos on YouTube all night.

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