Cam Newton Is Ready To GO

There’s a tradition in New England which originated with Tom Brady years ago. No it’s not consistently demoralizing the rest of the NFL by being the most successful quarterback who’s ever graced the football field, although that is a great tradition nonetheless.

The tradition I speak of is hype videos. Edelman has been getting in on the fun recently as well, but it all started with Brady. And it looks like his predecessor has now taken up the mantle of Hype Video King.

I’d be lying if I said this 1:28 second clip didn’t make it move.

A dedicated, motivated Cam Newton is a problem for the league. Maybe even more so than a motivated Tom Brady at this point in his waning career.

“I’m getting tired of being humble now!”

Newton had to sit back all offseason and watch lesser quarterbacks be chosen over him time after time. Winston. Bridgewater. Foles. Shit, people have been talking about Taysum fucking Hill like he’s this potential great QB. All while Newton sat there and stewed. Biding his time. And who came calling? The GOAT.


Cam repeatedly looking at the camera talking his shit shouting how he’s a “killa” is. A. PROBLEM. For the NFL. The sooner you realize that, the better. You give a highly focused Cam freaking Newton to Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels and you get out of the way. What’s about to be unleashed on the rest of the league this year will be borderline criminal. We takin’ lives this year baby!

“The hyena that be doing all he do…the giraffe, the antelope, the chimpanzees…even the gorialla!..But there’s ONE MOTHERFUCKING KING IN THE JUNGLE, and when he roar? Everything stops! And I’m about to motherfucking roar bitch!”

Let’s. Fucking. GO!!


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