Cam Newton Is A Patriot

I gave myself 24 hours to marinate on this before writing anything. I’m ready.

I’ve disliked and criticized Cam Newton for as long as he’s been in the NFL. Has it always been warranted? Maybe not. But I’m a fan, not some stuck up ESPN putz who has to compliment everyone and criticize no one. He plays with no regard for his body at a position where staying healthy is the key. The guy is more interested in his post game outfit as opposed to diving on a fumble in the Super Bowl. He’s a “me first” dink who comes off like a petulant child when he loses and a cocky dick when he wins.

The way he operates is the farthest thing from the Patriot Way…but now, in the year 2020, he’s a New England Patriot. Cool, cool. Good to know we’re still living in the Upside Down.


I think my hatred for Cam, as well as other running quarterbacks, stems from the fact that for two decades I watched a QB who is about as immobile (outside the pocket) as they come absolutely dominate the league year in and year out. When I was forced to hear across every talk show that being a “dual threat” quarterback is he new wave and that your prototypical pocket passers are all but finished, it made me angry. I mean, I watched that theory get proven false with each passing season. Take your mobility and shove it up your ass Nick Wright.

But now? The old guard is gone and replaced with a much younger play caller. The Patriots are seemingly doing business as business is being done now. And if you’re going to do that, you might as well go after, arguably, the best dual threat quarterback in the game when healthy. Find me another QB built like a linebacker but has all the arm talent needed to make any and every throw imaginable. Well, I don’t know if he can throw with his left hand like that guy in KC, but I’m pretty sure Belichick would prefer you throw with the arm you’re supposed to use anyway.

Speaking of the Evil Genius, I have the utmost faith in Bill Belichick and his decision making. I said that when he traded away Chandler Jones. I said that when he benched Malcolm Butler. I even said that when he traded away the GOAT. And this is no different. This season is the ultimate “In Bill We Trust” season for us Patriots fans.

But I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t conflicted when I first heard this news..







As you can see, I wasn’t a fan of the move when it first floated across my timeline. And sure it took me a while, but I finally got to where I needed to be.

I am excited for Cam Newton to suit up under center in Foxboro for the 2020 season as a New England Patriot. Number 1 on the field and #1 in our hearts. Superman has set up shop at 1 Patriot Way and there isn’t enough kryptonite in the AFC to stop him.

And so with this move, the NFL has it’s villain back. While Tom Brady is in Florida ignoring social distancing and saying how he’s finally “having fun” playing football again, the Patriots have risen from their quick fall from grace. The AFC East is still theirs to lose. With Bam Bam Cam at the helm, this team is in the Top 3 title contenders in the entire Conference.

Like it or not, Bill Belichick has hoodwinked the league once again. Dread it, run from it, destiny still arrives. And your destiny is to bow down to the Mad Titan that is Coach Belichick and beg for mercy. But please believe, you will find none. This team and this coach have heard the criticisms. They’ve tucked away ever premature celebration you pundits had about this being the “end of the dynasty”. It’s the end of a chapter, sure. But there’s still a lot of pages left in this book.

Scorched Earth Tour 2020.


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