More Aliens.

Here’s your daily dose of unsurprising news: aliens got caught watching us, again.

I love how, in every one of these videos, there’s a caption of “WHAT IS THIS!? SOMEONE EXPLAIN!” or the person recording will act all surprised like they don’t know what they’re seeing.


These aren’t hot air balloons. These aren’t test flights from some secret air force base. Why would they be flying in this area? Sometimes the easy answer is the correct answer. And the correct answer here is extraterrestrials!

I don’t want to hear ANY bullshit excuse from any so-called expert and I sure as hell don’t want to hear a peep from that putz Neil deGrasse Tyson. Fucking party pooper.

Look at how organized these guys are too. Six orbs just popping in from outer space and shoot off to whatever corner of the world they plan on invading and terrorizing. If you don’t think that 2020’s big sinister finale is an alien invasion, I don’t know what to tell ya bub. You clearly haven’t been paying attention to this dumpster fire of a year we’ve been having.

And as I’ve said before on numerous occasions, just end it. Our race has clearly run it’s course. We don’t know how to coexist with each other. We need some sort of dinosaur-level extinction even to put us all out of our miseries. I’ll volunteer to be taken as captive by these little green guys too, by the way. If there’s ever a chance to go viral, snapping a pic from the inside of an alien spaceship will surely do it, no?

It’s crazy that aliens don’t even care about hiding anymore at this point. They know that we know that they know we are on our last legs as a civilization. And in all honesty, what are we going to do to them anyway? Shoot out cute little human guns at them? HA! Good luck with that. At this point we all just need to welcome the invasion.

And of course they’d go to Florida too, right? When this whole alien war starts and our collective clock strikes midnight, Florida will surely be ground zero. Classic Florida.

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