Aliens Are Saying Hi To Us

I feel like we’ve all uttered this phrase at least a dozen times so far, but I have to say….2020 has been a hell of a year, eh?

Of course the protests and riots going on across the world are taking center stage, and rightfully so. But something else is afoot that no one is paying attention to. There’s a big baddie behind the curtain who is waiting to pop his ugly little head out and stick a fork in us. It’s not COVID. It’s not a potential World War. It sure as hell isn’t those bitchass Murder Hornets.

That’s right folks, we’re talkin’ aliens again.

Can I interest you in an FRB? Or more commonly known as a Fast Radio Burst for you uncultured out there. Kind of a lame nickname though for something that’s actually really cool, if you ask me. The people at NASA couldn’t come up with a better phrase for something that basically means aliens are trying to communicate with us? Come on guys..

But anyway, FRB’s are random blasts of radio energy coming from the cosmos. And while most of them are just on-off’s that could be from a dying star or something like that, this most recent one has been repeating itself over and over again.

“But Mike, what the heck could be blasting out radio signals from OUTER SPACE!?” 

Great question!

I present to you FRB 180916.

This little shit has been trying to communicate with us on a 16-day cycle, which is FAR more common than the most recent FRB which was on a 157-day cycle. It’s also the only FRB known to be INSIDE our Milky Way Galaxy. So, scientifically speaking, the aliens are basically sounding off the horns that they’re coming.

And make sure you hop on this bandwagon now because it’s only a matter of time before that party pooper Neil deGrasse Tyson comes up with some cockamamie explanation trying to blame a heavy star or black hole or some other cop-out reason for these signals. This is aliens. Clear as day. This is an extraterrestrial being trying to wave at us before the board our ship we call Earth.

I mean, this article is already trying to cover it up as we speak by blaming it on, what I can only assume, was a rejected name for a Pokemon: Magnetar.

“Magnetars are a variant of neutron stars that are incredibly dense. Their mass is under extreme pressure and, as happens here on Earth when pressures in the surface crust lead to movement, magnetars experience “starquakes.” Because the surface of the magnetar has so much potential energy stored up, even tiny collapses and shifts can produce a blast of radio energy that could be detected from incredible distances, or at least that’s the theory.

This may explain the one-off FRBs that astronomers have heard in the cosmos, but what about the ones that repeat on regular intervals? The researchers say a “wobble” in the rotational axis of a magnetar could explain the on-again/off-again nature of the repeating FRBs, or they may be the result of other neutron star activity not related specifically to magnetars.”

If you skipped over that, I don’t blame you. Listening to scientists bore you to death in an attempt to cover up alien existence get’s tiring for me too. All you have to know is that these Magnetars may be responsible for one FRB, but not ones that happen on a regular basis. And please don’t try to tell me that a “wobble” in the planets axis is responsible for this either. That’s the most blatant made up excuse I’ve ever seen. A planet shakes it’s ass at the same time every day on a consistent enough basis to grab our scientists attention? Miss me with that nonsense.

And I’m not trying to say I know more than these geniuses working at NASA either. I’m just saying that on this specific topic…I do.

If you are an alien, when would you want to attack a new planet? When they’re at their most vulnerable, perhaps? Look around people, we are literally tearing ourselves apart. When a team is at their most fractured, that’s when you swoop in an wreck shop. Just ask Thanos.

I think it’s time for NASA to come clean. I mean, they already admitted to UFO’s, let’s take the next step and admit that aliens are now trying to contact us. Because I think the best course of action is to just let them come here and do what they have to do. It can’t be worse than what’s already going on. Maybe they’ll be the cure for everything. Maybe they’ll destroy our planet and take some of us as slaves. Who really knows! Flip of the coin I guess. But I’m down for whatever at this point.

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