Aaron Rodgers Has Been A Better Playoff QB Than Brady…..wait what?

What’s the saying? “Stats are for losers”? So insightful. Who said that again? Must’ve been someone pretty successful….


Anyway, here’s a prime example of how stats may show you one thing, but in reality, don’t mean much.


Listen, it’s not even that I hate stats, okay? Trust me, as a Patriots/Tom Brady fan, I fucking LOVE stats, but who’s looking at this and believing that Aaron Rodgers, Eli Manning, Nick Foles and Matt Ryan should be graded higher than Tom Brady in the playoffs for the last 10 years?

What the hell does that even mean? Highest graded? Does it mean best? Most successful? Most fun to watch? It’s like when people say “Sure Tom Brady is the GOAT but Player X is the best and Player Y is the most talented, etc…” Why is it that caveats and reservations like this always pop up when Tom Brady is discussed? But that’s neither here nor there..

And yes, I understand this is just a statistic and stats don’t lie, which is true…but also, it’s kind of false.

Are we factoring in sample size? Because if we are, the majority of this list shouldn’t even be here.

Let’s start with the goofy Manning.

SportsNation on Twitter: "Eli Manning's Reddit AMA involves talk ...

Eli has made the playoffs TWO TIMES IN THE LAST TEN YEARS. And he got bounced in the first round during one of those “playoff runs” if you can even call it that. How is he even eligible for this conversation? Eli had two clutch seasons that are outliers in and otherwise mediocre, unimpressive career. Yes, I still hold a grudge if that’s what you’re wondering.

And Big Dick Nick doesn’t fare much better. Three times in ten years is not worthy of being in the conversation of “highest rated QB” of the decade. Yes, he and Eli both have a Super Bowl in that time frame, but one successful year shouldn’t get you tossed into a category like this.

And as for Matt Ryan, really? The guys has just as many one-and-done’s as both Brady and Rodgers, but only has 5 playoff years under his belt compared to Rodgers’ 8 and Brady’s 10. Get him off this list. Matt Ryan is a prime example of fantasy stats clouding reality when it comes to actual play on the field. Also, the guy is wasting one of the coolest nicknames in the NFL. Matty Ice is such an awesome nickname and this putz has done nothing to deserve it. Although maybe Matty Ice does fit because when the heat gets cranked up, he melts.

This brings us to Rodgers. Aaron bleepin’ Rodgers. That baaaaaaaad man. That son of a bitch. Overrated? Who’s to say, but yes.

Aaron Rodgers is touted as “the most talented ever to play the position” but has only one (1) Super Bowl to his name and more interceptions in the Championship round than he does TD’s, but yeah, most talented to ever play, let’s go with that.

Rodgers and Brady are very similar stat-wise as you try to compare their playoff success in the last decade. Well, that is, until you talk about actual winning.

Rodgers boasts an above average 10-7 record to go along with a plethora of excuses as to why he didn’t make it to the big one. His defense. His coaching. Refs. You name it, he gets the excuse. That’s not to say people don’t make excuses for other quarterbacks, but when you’re supposedly as good as people claim Rodgers is, at what point to you overcome those excuses? When do you will your team to victory like Brady has year in and year out? You can only point the finger for so long before you run out of people to blame and you have to look in the mirror…and Rodgers is at that point.

And if Rodgers is SO great, he certainly should have some great late game heroics and comebacks during his 8 stints in the playoffs right? Ummmm, not quite. One 4th quarter comeback to go along with two game winning drives. If your defense let’s you down so much, and you’re the most talented QB to ever do it, you’d think you’d bring your team back more than just a few times in the playoffs when it actually matters.

Brady on the other hand, who is slotted 5th in this asinine ranking, has a few notches on his own belt if we’re counting. Six 4th quarter comebacks to go along with 7 game winning drives is a good place to start, no? If that doesn’t do it for you, I could throw in his 5 Super Bowl appearances and 3 Super Bowl Championships as well. Oh, and make sure you check out his 4th quarter performance against the Legion of Boom or google “28-3” for me real quick.

Who’s the best playoff QB again nerds?

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