Does A Five Year Old Deserve A Lamborghini?

I’m not sure what you were doing when you were 5 years old, but I can almost guarantee you weren’t driving across state line to get yourself Lamborghini because your parents straight up refused to buy you one.

First of all, why does that thumbnail make it look like that kid has one of those face-suckers from Alien attached to his face? Terrifying.

Now, I am horrible with ages. Not only can I never guess how old a kid is, but I also have zero knowledge of what a kid should be doing by the time they turn any age. Does it take you four years to learn how to walk? Three years to start talking? I couldn’t tell ya. So when I saw that this FIVE YEAR OLD was driving ON THE HIGHWAY, safe to say I was taken aback.

I know this generation is growing up faster than any has before, with technology and acting older than they are and whatnot, but even I can tell you that if you can’t reach the pedals, you probably shouldn’t be driving. That actually leads me to one major issue I have with this: how in the hell was that kid reaching the pedals AND being able to see over the dashboard at the same time!? I immediately thought we were dealing with a giant boy. That idea isn’t even that far fetched nowadays, especially with that monstrous baby being passed around the internet lately.

If it turned out that this was the baby boy driving hundreds of miles for a vehicle, I wouldn’t have batted an eye.

Another question, how does a 5 year old even know what a Lamborghini is? I sell cars and I can only rattle off ten different car brands or so. Has he ever even seen one? I’m not sure how many Lambo’s are rolling around in Utah if we’re being honest. But hey, expensive tastes, right? I believe the saying is, “wine taste on a beer budget”, given that he only brought a measly $3 with him.

How lucky are the parents that this kid only got 2 miles from his house before getting pulled over though? This could’ve ended very differently. This is why you can’t trust a sibling to babysit. And I say that as a sibling who babysat. My brother could’ve left the house and drove to the Canadian border for all I knew. All we do is just make sure that our sibling is alive when our parents get home. Everything in between the adults leaving and getting back is chaos.

This is the old “I’m running away!” you’d pull as a kid when your parents told you you couldn’t play outside or something. Where you’d pack like, 3 toys in your little bag and walk halfway up the street before you realize you have no idea where you’re going so you stomp back into the house and stay in your room all night out of embarrassment. The only difference is this kid decided to throw a temper tantrum over his parents not buying him a luxury vehicle. And when he got “halfway up the street” he decided to shift it into third gear and jump on the interstate.


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