The Eagles Are Dumb

The Philadelphia Eagles are a mess. They have been for a long time now.

Sure they had that one Super Bowl win where they used an illegally set up trick play in order to swing momentum, but other than that one blip on the radar, the Eagles have been a wholly mismanaged franchise.

But we’re talking about a team that traded away their future franchise QB to take a chance on an oft-injured, prototypical “he can be so good when he’s on!” type guy.And once again they make another baffling decision at the quarterback position.

There are a few different ways to show your franchise QB that you love him. For starters, give him a solid contract, which the Eagles have done. $128 million American dollars with $66.5 of that guaranteed! That’s a lot of money for a QB who seems to be perpetually chasing his “potential”. But after a career that, save for one year, has been a pile of “meh”, he’s lucky he’s on a team that loves him so much regardless of his shortcomings.

Another way to to show your starting quarterback that you love him is to load up on offense and give him reliable receiving options go after one of the top quarterbacks in this years draft in the second round. Wait, what?

Jalen Hurts is going to be a starter in this league. Any team that picked him up was going to have a talented guy under center for years to come. Hurts getting picked in the second round was seen as a steal to some experts even. The one hang up is, the Eagles already have their starter! Who they love, remember!?

What was the reasoning? Depth! But Jalen Hurts isn’t a depth guy. He’s a future starter. He’s someone you put in immediately or have him sit behind a vet before he ultimately hands the reigns over to the youngin’ and gracefully bows out. But unless the Eagles fall out of love with Carson this offseason, I don’t see that happening. So they either drafted him just to trade him, which is a waste of a pick, or they are actually planning on moving Wentz, which seems unlikely.

So now the Philly front office just gave Eagles fans another reason to boo Wentz the second he screws up or has a bad game. Nick Foles was Philly’s Golden Boy who finally brought them to the promise land after their false king failed them. Wentz is the red-headed second child who they’d trade for their first born in a heartbeat. And now here comes the shiny new promising adopted kid in Hurts who, in a matter of time, will be the one the Philly faithful are calling for.

Having two of the Top 10 quarterback’s is a disaster of a plan. If that’s the teams goal, I may actually feel bad for Eagles fans. Why not just have one really good quarterback and use that draft pick on, oh I don’t know, someone who can actually catch the ball. You don’t need TWO Regional Managers.


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