Racist Patriots Strike Again

The New England Patriots, one of the most respected organizations in sports known racist organization based out of one of the most racist regions in the country, have once again shown their true colors during this years draft.

I present to you rookie kicker, Justin Rohrwasser and his evil tattoo.


Seems like a cool, above average looking kicker right? Incorrect. Maybe you’re just one of the many looking past his apparent racial tattoo. Can’t see it? Thanks to technology, I’ve enlarged it for you.


If you’re like myself you probably had no idea what that symbol meant until the 2020 NFL Draft. And I’d venture a guess to say that 80% of the people who are mad online about this had absolutely no clue what it was either. Let me introduce you to the Three Percenters: A far-right militia group who advocates for gun ownership rights and is kinda sorta against the Government meddling into local affairs.

Full disclosure, in 2017 there were multiple armed Three Percenters seen guarding a white supremacist “Unite the Right” rally. Definitely not the look this group was going for which prompted this statement shortly after:

This group certainly seems a tad bit radical, but for everyone tagging them as white supremacists? That’s just overreacting to one incident and not actually reading about what you’re talking about. But hey, that’s 2020 for ya!

Regardless of reality, nothing will stop Patriots/New England cynics from overreacting about any topic involving the team or their region. These morons have come to the conclusion that Rohrwasser is a white supremacist and the Patriots have adopted their regions archaic, racist ways.

Don’t believe me? Lisa Guerrero would like to have a word with you…

Who exactly is this Lisa Guerrero figure? She was the Entertainment Director for the team from ’91-’93 and during her very short time there where she only worked under the Kraft organization for one year few years there, she claims to “have stories” of how the team has been ruling with an iron, KKK cloaked fist. Now why is she the only person who has worked for the team has come out with such blasphemous accusations? Who knows. But that’s neither here nor there.

While it could easily be categorized as defamation or speaking out of your ass, Guerrero labeling the rookie kicker as a white supremacist is alarming, especially if true. Could she have had one isolated incident with one person in the organization that may have been racial in nature? Could be. We’ll never know though as she has yet to come out with these “stories” she claims to have.

Let’s get Justin’s take on the matter:

Wait wait WAIT…Justin…so you’re telling me you were a teenager and got a tattoo without knowing the exact meaning!? WITHOUT DOING RESEARCH! GASP! I mean, sure if you pick 1 out of every 5 kids with tattoos, odds are that you’re going to find a foreign symbol that they thought meant “peace and love” but actually means “war and hate”, but that’s beside the point. How dare you make a mistake growing up sir!? SHAME!

Has anyone checked the rest of his body? Did Nick Caserio strip him down and do a thorough search of his person to check for a hidden swastika tat or anything like that? No? You mean they just took his word that he’s not a white supremacist and that he made an honest, stupid mistake and is embarrassed by it? Unacceptable.

While many rational thinking football fans can look at this situation and see it for what it is, there are still some out there who believe that Mr. Rohrwasser is not only bringing along a great kicking leg with him to the Pats, but also racism. And the people who think that are being very vocal about their opinions.

If the internet is to be deemed as correct, as they 100% are at least 25% of the time sometimes, then we are all to believe that the New England Patriots are now flying their racist flag high up exposing themselves to the NFL world. Gone are the days where that region looked up to athletes such as David Ortiz, Bill Russell, Pedro Martinez and so many more. Instead of banners hanging from Gillette Stadium, there will now be Three Percenter flags for everyone who enters that stadium to see.

In fact, I’ll do you one better: could this be why Brady ultimately left the team? Clearly after being employed by Kraft for 20 years without speaking about any signs of racism, he just now saw behind the curtain where his owner was acting as Grand Wizard while Belichick was leading the rally around a burning cross. The future Hall of Famer didn’t just get sick of Belichick’s coaching ways, he got sick of his racist ideologies. Wait a minute…Kraft’s full name is Robert Kenneth Kraft, could there have, at one point, been a silent K at the beginning of Robert, spelling out the initials “KKK” but was later legally changed as to not draw attention to the families racist ways!? Perhaps this is why Gronk no longer wanted to play under such a racist regime!? It’s all making sense!

Sounds a bit far fetched right?

Connecting dots that aren’t even there. But that’s exactly what the Patriot skeptics are doing. Labeling a kid “white supremacist” and using New England’s distant troubled history as some sort of backing to their ridiculous accusations. But with Brady now gone, the haters, as is their nature, have to find something to hate on so why not go back to old reliable: racist! It’s a sad, tired argument that has lingered around Boston for far too long and has been kept alive by media members who are quick to shout the R-Word whenever a person of color gets shafted for a position or passed over for a coaching position.

Listen, if you’re one of the people suffering from quarantine brain and simply aren’t thinking clearly, you get a pass. You got caught up in your hatred for the Patriots and you let social distancing media get the better of you, it’s okay!

But if you’re one of the, eh let’s say 3%, of people who genuinely believe that the Patriots are a racist organization and feel the need to shout from your social media rooftops that they just drafted a white supremacist in order to keep the tradition going, then you my friend are an idiot.

Disclaimer: if it comes out that this kid Hernandez’d us all and really is a bad man and an undercover white supremacist, I reserve the right to take back every single thing said in this blog. Thank you for your time.

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