Public Service Announcement To Chiefs Fans

The Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl Champions.

I feel like that’s something that needed to be said because if you’ve been listening to Chiefs fans online recently, all they’ve been doing is comparing their signal caller to the incomparable.

Yes, Chiefs Kingdom has had Tom Brady’s name in their mouth as often as Andy Reid has a cheeseburger in his. (that’s not an insult, Reid is an admitted cheeseburger fiend)

In sports, comparisons happen all the time. Player to player or team to team, it’s always fun to see where your guys rank against the best to ever do it. But there comes a time where comparison turns to obsession. And that’s what we have here ladies and gentlemen.

And before Chiefs fans jump down my throat with the “Well we only attack Brady because you Patriots fans are so sensitive about it! Can’t help the fact that Mahomes is just better!” Shut it. Any Pats fan worth his merit of fandom could not give two shit’s about your quarterback getting a Super Bowl. Good for him. He’s certainly good enough to win one. But he’s only won ONE (1). Before you crown the kid and place unreachable expectations on him, let’s see how the next few years of his career play out, eh?

The frustration comes when you ignoramuses start claiming your guy is better than OUR guy. Come on, tame your insanity a bit please.

There are plenty more but you get the point.

What makes this different than your everyday, run of the mill “my guy is better than yours” comparison, is the commentary behind why it’s being done. The majority of tweets or posts about Mahomes and Brady end with some form of “and that’s why Mahomes is better than Brady ever was” or at the very least that’s what it’s insinuating.


I understand that you guys aren’t used to winning the big one, but normally fans just bask in their own greatness and make proclamations about next season. But instead, you Chiefs fans decide to show your insecure side and try to shoehorn Mahomes onto Tom Brady’s level. This is like when Lebron Stan’s try to say that he’s better than Jordan. You’re chasing a ghost you will never catch! At least with Bron Bron there’s SOME sort of a case. When it comes to Mahomes and Brady, you’d have a better chance convincing people that Aaron Hernandez is a model citizen before you convince anyone that Mahomeboy is better than the GOAT.

You just won the Super Bowl, let the Lombardi speak for itself!

Patrick Mahomes has had a historic start to his career, Kermit the Frog voice and all. That can’t be denied regardless if you’re a fan of his team or not. But pump the brakes on calling him the “G.O.A.T.” or saying that he’s already better than Brady has ever been.

The argument can’t even be made for Mahomes because the entire discussion doesn’t make any sense! It’s like people saying Brady was better than Montana when Brady was only two years into his career. Is it a possibility? I guess. But we are way too early to be having such blasphemous debates.

First of all, Mahomes’ career just started. With 36 starts under his belt, he’s the equivalent to a toddler when it comes to Tom Brady who has in turn started a whopping 324. To be considered the greatest of all time, you need to have sustained success over a long period of time. Two years is hardly long enough to jump to that conclusion.

Secondly, the two quarterbacks don’t even play the game the same way. One rolls out and backs up until one of his track star receivers gets open. The other is quite possibly the best definition of a pocket passer that’s ever existed. They both also started their careers in very different NFL climates. The game has evolved a lot since 2001 when Brady first made his mark on the league.

Mahomes could have a couple more really good years in him and then fall off a cliff (right Max Kellerman?). That’s certainly not the likely outcome, but it’s still a possibility nonetheless. Especially given the way that Mahomes plays. He took a couple hard hits in the Super Bowl and take it from someone who’s never played football before, those probably take a toll on you over time.

Again, and I can’t stress this enough, Patriots fans do not care when another team wins a Super Bowl. Tom Brady has lapped the field so much that it’s okay to look back and appreciate the effort from all the up and comers who are desperately reaching for his title of GOAT.

For Patriots Nation, the defensiveness comes into play when someone says Mahomes is already better than Brady and then brings up his stats so far in an attempt to prove their assbackwards point. A few people doing it is cute, but when an entire fanbase is engulfed in this false, misguided narrative, it becomes a problem and the big brother has to slap down the younger sibling who thinks they’re on our level.

So the PSA I’d like to issue to Chiefs fans around the world is this: Stop. You’re embarrassing yourselves. Patrick Mahomes is a supremely talented quarterback and he has a bright future ahead of him. But please stop with these comparisons to Tom Brady. It’s like comparing a noble warrior to a God. The warrior definitely has a few good battles under his belt, but he’s fighting on the turf that the God has already dominated time after time before him.

P.S. I’ll just leave this here though.

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