Should We Be Mad At The Houston Astros?

The Houston Astros are now to the Red Sox what the New Orleans Saints are to the Patriots. Brothers in arms. United we stand. Fuck the man!

In case you’ve been living under a rock, let me inform you: The Astros are no good, dirty rotten scoundrels who cheated their way to being so God damn good at baseball.

Let’s first come to the agreement that “cheating” using trash cans is genius. I mean look at this:

That entire thread is beautiful. How did no other teams come up with this? Or did they and the Astros are just the ones getting bagged a la the Patriots with Spygate.

Speaking of Spygate, I feel like you all need a refresher course on what exactly that was. Filming your opponents practice was not illegal. Where New England had there camera was illegal. No more, no less.

Back to baseball.

Even though the Astros were the ones who “cheated” here, it’s the Yankees fans that are coming outta this thing looking like boobs.

But out of all of the comments, this is my favorite:

Worse than steroids? I mean, you’re literally altering your body to be stronger so you can hit/throw further, but sure, worse than that.

And worse than betting on your game WHILE YOU’RE STILL PLAYING? Lunacy. People need to calm down.

Oh and Yankees fans, your team was also caught using technology to cheat during that same year!

And don’t tell me you can’t gain an advantage off of that.

Also, yes, I know the Red Sox got caught for using Apple Watches to cheat in 2017 as well. Hey, as the great Bill Belichick says, do business as business is being done.

Listen, baseball is a game full of cheating. From pine tar to stealing signs, it’s as old as the sport itself.

Now, the technology thing is where this gets little murky. I’m not gonna sit here and say I’m 100% cool with that aspect. Does that blur the line of gamesmanship and cross over into the unfair advantage category? Yes………….but also no?

What’s stopping another team from doing the same thing or even placing a fan with a super camera out in center field to zoom in on the catchers crotch to see his fingers? That’s where it gets tough for me because the Astros weren’t doing anything that only they could do. Any team could’ve done it. The Astros were just ahead of the curve.

Every team cheats too, so don’t give me that. The Astros just came up with a more sophisticated way to do it. Does that lessen how good that 2017 team was? Nope. Does that ruin the “integrity” of baseball? HA! Behind the NBA, Major League Baseball is full of every single type of cheating imaginable. Is it a black eye on the sport? Stop.

HOWEVA, assuming the Astros are the only one with this high-tech process to swindle their way to another World Series, I can understand being annoyed with it. But also, that being said, the legitimate, serious outrage is ridiculous.

I mean, even if you know what pitch is coming, you still have to actually hit the ball? Right?

Ugh. I keep going back and forth on this.

This is one of those things where you go “Aaahhhh shit, you see what these assholes did? Damn..” You certainly don’t call for their World Series Title to be vacated or some other absurd penalty.

If I’m the Astros, I just keep hitting trash cans every single game next year. Not even to cheat. Just to piss off the old curmudgeon baseball experts and the jealous fans out there.

So in summary, the Astros cheated in a more calculated way than everyone else already cheats so….I guess we should be upset with them? But if everyone else is cheating and you’re just better at it, is that something we should actually be praising?

Whatever. If ya ain’t cheating, ya ain’t trying.

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