Village Idiot Wrong Again

With a name like Nick Wright, you’d think he’d have more correct takes but once again, Nick proves his last name wrong.

Just a blasphemous statement. Regardless of the opposition his Chiefs have the rest of the year. To make such a definitive statement is the sign of a lost man.

He knows his team doesn’t have what it takes to get to the Super Bowl so, instead of giving an unbiased opinion on his hometown team, Nick decides to go full moron and make a declaration even he can’t believe. Or maybe he did believe it. That’s how deep his delusion is when it has anything to do with the Chiefs.

Incase you missed it, KC lost to the 4-5 Titans with Ryan Tannehill at the helm. Yes, Ryan freaking Tannehill.

I don’t want to hear any excuses either. Mahomes played well. The defense got gashed and Andy Reid once again pissed down his leg in crunch time.

Like I’ve said numerous times, Andy Reid is an absolute liability for any team who wants to win a Super Bowl. If he is considered one of the top coaches in this league, then the league has a problem.

Now, with a 6-4 record and the top seed almost certainly out of reach, the Chiefs can only hope for a second seed at best. And even that looks like an uphill battle.

So I’m sorry Nick and all the Chiefs fans out there, but this was a very big, very bad loss for you guys.

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