Lebron James: A Tragic Tale

I don’t enjoy writing these types of blogs. I try to keep it lighthearted and fun here. Sure, sometimes there’s a little bias thrown around, but overall I try to keep it humorous.

This is different.

Not since Sméagol of Lord of the Rings infamy has a vice taken a hold of someone so tight that it engulfed their entire life. For the tortured hobbit from The Shire, it was the one ring that led to his demise. But for Lebron James, alcohol will be his undoing. While Sméagol couldn’t save himself from devolving into the creature known as Gollum, James still has time to come back from the shadowy corners of his addiction.

The False King has been subtly crying out for help for a long time now. And while we should all be desperately trying to aid our fallen hero, we instead laugh and poke fun.

I’ll admit, I was one of those people. Looking back, I feel disgusted that I let my hatred for this narcissist cloud my view of reality.

Lebron James has an addiction…and it’s time we all took notice.

When Bron Bron walked into the arena with a glass of wine, we all looked the other way.

Maybe he was just trying to take the edge off, right? Surely we’d know if he had a problem. But that’s the issue right there. When dealing with a demon like this, by the time you notice the signs, it’s already too late. The Devil does his work when good people stand by and idly watch. And that’s what we’ve all done.

Remember when Lebron was seeing actually drinking court side during a game?

Sure, he wasn’t playing, but why didn’t we see that as a sign? Instead of trying to rally his team or go over plays, he was pouring another glass of Pinot so feed the monster growing inside him.

And then this.

Look into this mans eyes after he says “wine”. That’s the look of a defeated man. He knows he’s helpless to stop himself at this point.

It’s gotten so bad he needed help to finish the saying that “good wine ages well”. That’s sad. He tries to smile, laugh and brush it off, but we see the signs Lebron. We see them and we’re here for you.

I’m not sure if the move to LaLa Land created this problem, but it surely hasn’t helped. Once a locker room leader and a idol to young, aspiring athletes everywhere, James has looked more and more like a fallen hero who can’t hold off his villainous turn any longer.

For once in his life, maybe it’s time he be held accountable for his actions. Think about the children Lebron.

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