Philly Doing Philly Things

I’ve been saying this for a while now, and every year they give me more and more ammo.

Philly: Trash City. Trash People.

Didn’t Joel Embiid say he was done “talking trash” and that he’s a “changed man”?

And look what happened last night. Back on his bullshit. You’re not a changed man Joel. You’re still a fake tough, big ol bitch. You say you’re not gonna talk shit anymore so the players go easy on you so you can cheap shot them.

I’ve never seen a softer big man who everyone touts as this badass. Joel Embiid is the guy that starts a fight, doesn’t finish it and then talks tough afterwards.

Oh, and if you feel the need to tell people you’re not a bitch, that mean you most likely are a bitch. Bitch.

But this isn’t all about Embiid, Ben Simmons comes off looking soft in this too. Towns is already on the floor so what does Ben do? Jumps on the guys back and proceeds to try to choke him out. Yet another fake tough guy on this Philly squad.

This beef was between Embiid and KAT. Sure, everyone else came over to try to break it up, but Simmons took of a step further. Probably because he knows he’d be made to look like a clown if he ever went at KAT or any other player on his own, so he waits until the guy is down and THEN pounces. Bitchmade.

The best part of this entire thing was Al Horford just sitting back looking at this like “God damn look at these children. I left Boston for this shit? I’m too old for this nonsense..”

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