Kyrie Irving Already Acting Like An Asshat

Kyrie Irving is a cancer.

He goes somewhere. He lays dormant for a bit. THEN he shows his trues colors and destroys you from within.

It only took him 3 games. THREE GAMES to get back on his bullshit.

Mood swings! Kyrie has all the characteristics of an NBA star nowadays. Entitled. Diva. Selfish. Flashy. Needs things to go his way or else he lashes out.

I can’t wait until KD comes back from injury and this team really blows the FUCK up. Durant and Irving on the same team will be fun to watch on the court, but even more entertaining off of it.

One of them will be gone by the end of next year. The Knicks should be thanking the basketball Gods they didn’t end up with this headcase.

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