The Celtics Created The Worst Jerseys I’ve Ever Seen

Holy shit. Who’s responsible for this monstrosity? I’ve never in my life seen a jersey, in any sport, as hideous as this.

How did this slip through the cracks? This was the best design the brain trust in Boston could think up?

Turquoise blue and white? And it almost looks like a…dirty white. They’re gonna look like the fucking Hornets out there.

And what the hell is that font? Some sort of knock-off failed Bar Rescue Irish Pub font? You could quite literally scroll through every font in Microsoft Word, close your eyes and randomly click. I can tell you with 100% certainty that whichever font you land on would be a better choice.

I hope this is a gag. Just some big joke by the team or something. Or at least okay it off as one like when IHOP changed they’re name to IHOB and then pulled the “JK LOL!” when pancake fandom told them how stupid that was.

Ugh. Whichever night the Celtics wear this is going g to be must watch TV. Doesn’t even matter who the opponent is. These jerseys are cursed. They’re gonna lose by 50 on whatever fateful night they have to dawn these atrocities.

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