Anthony Davis Embarrasses Lebron James As Duo Shows Sign Of Dissension

Okay, maybe that title is a little strong, but you be the judge:

What a power move by AD asserting his dominance over the lesser, over the hill Lebron.

“Hey old man, your fake ass hair is falling out. Do something about that shit.” Power move only over here.

Doing with a smile is the best part. You know before every game, whenever Bron Bron gets them new plugs, he sits the entire locker room down and tells them not to say a damn word about it. Don’t even LOOK at his hair the wrong way or else he’ll ship your ass out quicker than he would a coach who tries to tell him what to do.

If I could give our resident Queen some advice, just shave it off man. There’s nothing wrong with being bald. It’d be better than whatever the hell is happening here!

And the headband ain’t fooling anyone by the way. We know what’s under there. We know your hairline is just as fraudulent as your personality.

I give it a month until Lebron is sick of Davis picking on him and all hell breaks loose. Can’t wait.

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