Baker Mayfield Needs To Grow Up

The refs suck this year. Every game. For every team across the board. There are phantom calls and ticky tack calls being thrown out like it’s Halloween and they’re tootsie rolls*. They’re like that for EVERYONE Baker, not just you and the Browns.

*Tootsie rolls are the best worst candy out there by the way. No one really likes them, but when you’re handed one and eat it you’re kinda just, they could be worse.

If I had to compare Mayfield to a candy he’d be candy corn. The presentation is interesting. He has a lot of colorful comments and actions. But when you get down to business, he’s extremely disappointing.

And if you’re one of the Baker Super Fans who backs this guy no matter what, let me fill you in on a few things.

6 games into the season, and the Browns QB has throw at least 3 int’s on THREE separate occasions. And in NONE of those games has he thrown more than 1 touchdown. That’s not good.

6 games into the season, he has thrown over double the amount of interceptions as he has touchdowns with 11 picks and only 5 tubs. That’s not good.

6 games into the season, Baker has a competition percentage of 56.6 to go along with a QBR of 38.2. THAT’S NOT GOOD!

And the worst part of his entire mini rant is this: He brings up freedom of speech when talking about how he got fined for his comments about the officials. And that right there is a dead giveaway that Mayfield still has a lot of maturing to do.

Freedom of Speech doesn’t mean you don’t get repercussions for what you say. If you say something that violates the rules of the company you work for, you are fair game for any consequences they levy out on you. Hiding behind freedom of speech as a way to say whatever you want is something a child does.

And Baker Mayfield is acting like a child.

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