Lebron James Doesn’t Believe In Rivalries

Skip to the 2:20 mark

This guy. This fucking guy. This FRAUD. Thank GOD the NBA started up again. I get more entertainment from watching this imposter night in and night out than I do most things.

“It’s not a rivalry…”

Uh, what? Last time I checked, in every sport, at every level, when you have a cross town team, that group automatically becomes your rival. No matter what. From middle school to the big leagues. Regardless of how bad Lebron wants to dismiss it and relieve some of that pressure, this is most certainly a rivalry.

Los Angeles vs Los Angeles. Established Team vs Hungry Team. Lebron James vs Kawhi Leonard. There’s rivalries within rivalries!

You know what else I heard a lot of in that clip? Excuses. Excuses for days. “It’s the first game.” “Both teams aren’t who they want to be.” “We’re a new group.” “New coaching staff.” “New system.”

The Clippers have a brand new system and two MAJOR new players as well Bron Bron. And guess what? They looked pretty damn good! Leonard was hitting shots that would make Kobe Bryant nod in approval all night.

And they beat you by 10 without Paul George even playing! If any team had an excuse to lose last night, it was the Clips. But they focused in, realized that this is a rivalry game and took care of business.

I think we’re gonna get a lot of this from The Queen this year. Always pointing back to the fact that this is a ‘new group’ who’s still trying to figure things out. Even though that very well may be true, you don’t need to vocalize it because at that point, you’re making excuses.

But this is what you get when you have a star player who, at this point in his career, wants the past of least resistance so he can have time to shoot movies.

And I don’t think that’s true at all by the way. Basketball is such a singular sport when it comes to players making an impact. Lebron and AD alone should be able to run a train on almost any team them play. And if that doesn’t happen then maybe one of the two is a tad bit overrated at this point in their lengthy career..

I know this is just the first game of the season so you have to take everything with a grain of salt. But if this is the laid back attitude James is going to carry throughout the entire season, the Lakers are doomed. This is why he’ll never be considered the GOAT. No killer instinct. No chip on his shoulder.

Jordan would’ve came out after that game and said how important it was and how much it sucked losing. Hell, a lot of stars in the league TODAY would come out and say that, but not Lebron “Everybody Should Get Along” James. If he can’t admit that the Lakers and Clippers are a rivalry, then congratulations on Kawhi for taking over LA.

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