Patriots Get Another Receiver, Sign Sanu

And there we go. The Patriots finally add a solid receiver to their ‘struggling’ offense.

Can I interest you in Edelman, Sanu, Gordon, Harry, Dorsett and Meyers? With Watson and Izzo as tight ends to go along with White and Burkhead as passing backs?

Sanu is a solid, big target for Brady to throw the ball deep to. Sure, he’s had a few drops here and there but no more than Edelman has from time to time.

This is just another case of the rich getting richer here and I love it. The Pats tried to trade for Sanu earlier this year and in years past so he has been on their radar for a while. Which should be good news to Patriots fans because when Bill specifically and consistently targets someone, that’s a good sign that the player is gonna help the team.

And for a second round pick, you know Brady is going to immediately get him involved in this offense. With the importance Bill puts on picks, it means something that he parted with one for this receiver. That’s gonna be the only way Patriots haters will try to poke holes in this move by the way.

“Sanu is good, but a SECOND ROUNDER!? That’s way too much!” Nevermind the fact that that pick is essentially a 3rd round pick anyway.

Oh and one last thing…Sanu can chuck it. AND he’s a lefty. The trick plays that are gonna happen with that are gonna be magical.

Welcome to New England Sanu. Send your ring size to Mr. Kraft as soon as you can.

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