Patriots Destroy Jets

I’m so happy this happened during a primetime game. The entire football world needed to see this and be put on notice.

The New England Patriots defense is legit. The Boogeymen are real.

I don’t care who they’ve played. If you watch these games, you see how historically great the D is. If this defense was just playing pretty good against these teams, I’d listen to your argument. But they’re on a historic pace. Sit down, shut up and enjoy excellence.

I don’t want to hear how their opponents played like garbage. You ever think that maybe these teams always look so bad because *gasp* the Patriots are just THAT good?

4 ints. 1 safety. Forcing fumbles. Moving the line of scrimmage all night. 154 yards allowed. Complete and utter domination from bell to bell. They had Darnold literally seeing ghosts!

I could go on and on about this defense for 10,000 more words, but there’s one thing I took away from this game above all else: Tom Brady hasn’t gone anywhere.

This 42 year old was throwing bullets all over the field. Throwing back shoulder to the third string running back. Throwing laser guided missles to a rookie and a 16 year veteran tight end.

From the first drive of the game, anyone who knows this team knew the game was over. Almost 9 minutes ending in a touchdown. What were people saying about this offense being a weakness?

The New York Jets have the 17th ranked pass defense and the 9th ranked rush defense. Brady went for 249 with a TD while Sony Michel added 3 TD’s on the ground. Not bad.

This rout was all done without Rex Burkhead or Josh Gordon, with an injured Edelman, with Dorsett coming off of a game time decision and with Ben Watson playing his first regular season football of the year. Oh and with a linebacker playing fullback.

I want to bring attention to something that I know everyone noticed, but a lot of people missed the point.

In the 4th quarter the Pats were punting from the Jets side of the field and committed a delay of game and false start penalty back to back. This did two things.

First, it brought us this adorable snippet:

Secondly, Belichick wasn’t just trying to gain room for his punter. He was running clock, something that my nemesis Nick Wright picked up on.

This is why the Patriots will always be better than you. It’s the little details no one pays attention to. They also don’t celebrate sacks while down 26-0, but hey, gotta celebrate the little wins I guess?

And I just had to check that this game was indeed played at MetLife Stadium because I could’ve sworn this was a home game for New England. It’s insane how well this fanbase travels and takes over venues.

Feits said it best early in the game. As fans, it’s to the point where we’re not only expecting wins…were expecting an ass-whooping.

So now the greatest team in the league is 7-0 going to play the Browns. Baker Mayfield can’t be too excited about that, but I guarantee this defense is.

See ya next week.

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