Jimmy G Steals Emmanuel Sanders

On a day where the undefeated Patriots traded for Mohammad Sanu, their NFC counterparts also decided to bolster their offense and trade for Emmanuel Sanders.

Sanders was last scene absolutely miserable trying to get accurate throws from Joe ‘Elite’ Flacco when the Broncos played the Chiefs on Thursday Night Football. And I think it was then that everyone knew the receiver was gonna be granted his walking papers.

Emmanuel Sanders is far too talented to be wasting away with an aged, worn down Flacco. Now he gets to have an extremely competent quarterback in Jimmy Garoppolo to work with. From 2-5 to 6-0. You have to imagine he’s pretty excited about the change of scenery.

This seems like a great move for the Niners. Jimmy G already has a solid number one in George Kittle at tight end and now he adds Sanders to compliment Marquise Goodwin to make for a pretty formidable offense going forward.

Throw that offense on top of an already stacked defense, and they have quite literally become the Patriots of the West.

The fact that they only have to give up a 3rd and 4th round pick for such a talented player must’ve been a no brained to the San Francisco brass. Especially after seeing Nee England give up a 2nd rounder for Sanu.

With a move like this, for a team that’s already beating everyone they line up across from, I think you can really start to pencil in the Niners and a Super Bowl team. And what a site that would be to see Garoppolo make it there and see his mentor, the GOAT, Tom Brady, standing across from him.

Let’s all cross our fingers for that. As the storylines will just write themselves at that point.

2 thoughts on “Jimmy G Steals Emmanuel Sanders

  1. Damn dude. You butchered this one. They traded a 3rd and 4th. Not a 5th. That’s a huge difference. But it still was a good trade as they got an early 5th rounder back.

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