Remember When The Eagles Were Actually Good?

God DAMN the Eagles are a let down, huh?

Or is it just Carson Wentz? Who knows. When you take an overrated team and a quarterback who’s done nothing to deserve his reputation and combine them, you’re probably gonna get a big back of mediocre. And that’s what we have here folks.

Being led by confused-big-head-looking-ass Doug Pederson….

….the Eagles are 3-4. 23rd ranked offense. 18th ranked defense. It feels like that record should be worse if you ask me. They’re lucky to only be in second place, but when you play teams like the Redskins and Jets early on, you can essentially pencil in 2 wins right there. And when you have teams in your division like the aforementioned Redskins as well as the Giants, you don’t have to be good to be towards the top.

But last night, the fact that the Eggles got their collective dicks kicked in wasn’t the shocker. It was just how they played.

Wasn’t this supposed to be a Super Bowl team this year? All I heard in the off-season was how talented and deep this roster was. Maybe letting go of Foles and hitching you’re wagon to Wentz wasn’t the right move.

Speaking of Wentz, statistically speaking, he’s having a fine year. 1649 yards, 13 TD’s, 4 picks and a 68.5 QBR isn’t gonna hold your team back by any means.

But there’s a reason we watch the games. There’s this thing called the eye test. Actually watch Wentz play. He looks timid a lot more this year. His pocket presence is seriously lacking. His own teammates don’t even seem to be energized to make plays anymore!

This is unacceptable. I know camera angles can be deceiving, but you gotta lay out for this. I know it’s ‘just a regular season game’, but it’s a divisional game against your rival. With 1st place in your division on the line! But Agholor can’t be bothered. That’s not a championship play guys.

THIS is a championship play though. A back up fighting for yards knowing how important this game is.

I just don’t understand how you come out in a game of this magnitude, and get beat 37-10. It’s not even like the Cowboys are that much better than you!

Yes they have the edge at running back and probably the edge on defense too, but you’re the ‘talented and deep’ Eagles! You’re telling me you can’t even keep it close? Philly deserves better.

You know what Philly tried to do though? Start a fight. Classic trash can Philly.

This is why I never bought into the hype surrounding this team. Yes, I know they beat my team in the Super Bowl. But even then, I still never bought into ‘em!

You have a quarterback who’s being talked about like he’s some sort of all time great, a coach who is showing that he’s really just an average at best who caught lightning in a bottle and a team that is underperforming at the worst times.

And now you have a rat on the team!?

Oh no, the Eagles are done. At this point if you’re a Giants fan, you have to be loving this. You know your team sucks, but your division sucks even worse so you may actually have a chance!

Has anyone asked Lane Johnson how much fun he’s having yet? I need to know! Gotta make sure you have fun!

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