Martin Scorsese Needs To Shut His Damn Mouth

I need to preface this by saying I am a HUGE Martin Scorsese fan. The Departed is my favorite movie of all time. Wolf of Wall Street and Goodfellas are both in my top 10. I love how the guy directs movies.

That being said, Marty needs to shut the hell up when talking about comic book movies.

He gave his opinion a few weeks ago regarding “Endgame” and all other comic books movies. Take a look:

“That’s not cinema.”

Fun Fact: Did you know that the one and only Martin Scorsese was attached to direct and consult on the ‘Joker’ movie with Joaquin Phoenix? The Joker, need I remind you, is a comic book character from DC Comics.

I know Scorsese is a fantastic director, but who gave him the cache to decide what is or isn’t cinema? Do James Gunn, Todd Phillips, The Russo Brothers or Ryan Coogler have a say? Because they seem to be pretty talented as well.

And please don’t look me in the eye and tell me that THIS isn’t someone “trying to convey emotional, psychological experiences to another human being.”

Those scenes are only from TWO Marvel movies. My point is that there is plenty of emotional and psychological experiences being expressed in every single movie in the MCU.

If you want to go out of the MCU, we can do that too. Watch ‘Logan’ and tell me what you think of comic book movies.

From Stark finding out Steve knew the Winter Soldier killed his parents to Tony sacrificing himself to save the universe while the people closest to him watch him die.

I can’t write this blog without bringing up what Francis Ford Coppola chimed in with about the topic. Did anyone else think this guy was dead by the way? I figured he was long gone or he’d have to be like…110 years old by now.

This guy sounds about as outdated as you can get. NO ONE watches cinema to learn something anymore. Those days are long gone bud. People want to be entertained from the minute they sit down to the moment the end credits roll. That’s what cinema has become nowadays.

And then we get the tried and true “every Marvel movie is the same” argument. It’s a debate so blasphemous that it doesn’t even deserve a rebuttal.

Comic movies aren’t ‘despicable’ you old bag of bones, your close-minded opinion is.

This brings us to Scorsese’s most recent comments. If you thought he’d let up on his stance, you’re wrong.

Ah okay now we’re getting to the basis of these comments: Martin is upset that his type of ‘cinema’ isn’t being supported the way he would like it to be. Got it.

Headline: “Old Man Waves Fist And Yells At Sky Because Of Young People And There Darn Comic Book Movies”

This is quite literally a case of an aging director seeing the industry he loves evolving and realizing he can’t keep up. In a society that is changing and evolving faster than ever, artsy fartsy types like Scorsese can’t seem to find their place anymore. So they lash out like toddlers.

The Jimmy Hoffa comment seemed very out of place at first. But when you read on, you uncover a much larger issue that seems to be eating away at the legendary director.

Chalk this up for what it is, okay? Martin Scorsese isn’t happy with what or how the younger generations are getting their information/entertainment and he decided to speak on it while using comic book movies as the spearhead to his argument.

Sorry to break it to you Marty, comic boom films aren’t going anywhere. But guess what, neither are your type of films! The great part about cinema is that there’s room for every type of it! So stop your bitching and just keep making good films.

Thank you for your time. *Steps off soapbox*

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