Tom Brady Likes Happy Endings!?

Tom Brady is full of surprises huh?

Playing at a championship level into his 40’s. Rushing for 1,000 yards. The commercial poking fun at Roger Goodell. Having a tremendous Twitter game. But this is more shocking than all the rest.

I honestly didn’t even think it was real at first. I thought someone CGI’d our beloved football God’s body into this scene. I’m not sure who else knew about Paul Rudd’s new show on Netflix but apparently that’s what this is from. Good for him on not relying solely on that Ant-Man money.

Brady doing anything to reference Kraft’s ridiculous “Rub-N-Tug-N-Blow Gate” is something I never thought I’d see. The team was very deflective about that entire issue, so to see your star QB bring it back up definitely deserves a triple take.

But before everyone shits their pants about how “Brady is taking a shot at his owner”, this spot has apparently been in the works well before anyone knew where the Orchid of Asia Day Spa was.

Greenberg had this written 4 years ago. It’s crazy that, at the time, no one knew that a simple joke scene would all of the sudden cause so much controversy.

And trust me, this is going to stir up a shitstorm of controversy.

I can already see the Skip Baylesses of the world or the Felger and Mazzes saying that this is somehow Brady rebelling against his owner for not giving him a contract. And how this is yet another example of how the quarterback is no longer happy in New England. It’s a fools argument but what else would you expect from, well, fools.

I liked the reference to the 6 titles by the way. Any chance to remind the football world that Brady is their King is alright with me.

Brady is smart enough to know that if he went through with this, that drama would ensue. I think it just shows that the entire Patriots organization doesn’t think this is as big a deal as everyone made it out to be.

An old man went to a day spa and got a couple happy endings. That’s where the story should’ve started and ended. The prostitution ring and potential human trafficking had nothing to do with Kraft. But when the Patriots are involved, people don’t think clearly so what else would you expect.

So let’s just take this for what it is: Brady poking fun at his owner who he has a great relationship with. Nothing more

P.S. Remember when Brady beat up a manikin?

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