Chiefs Take Biggest Loss Of The Season

As of this writing, the Kansas City Chiefs are dead in the water.

In case you live under a rock and missed what happened last night, here:

That one yard QB sneak essentially ended the Chiefs season. Obviously there’s still a lot of football yet to be played, but for KC, their Super Bowl hopeful season is donezo.

Ive seen a lot of venom being spewed in Andy Reid’s direction today, and to that, I say shut your mouth. If you can’t trust your all-world QB to push for ONE yard without hurting himself, then maybe he shouldn’t be in the game to begin with. Reid put his guy out there with Von Miller trying to tear his head off every play, I think that is more dangerous than literally falling forward for a yard. The coach deserves no blame.

First of all, why are we fat shaming Andy Reid? It’s 2019. If Andy wants to get the extra serving of fries everywhere he goes that’s up to him and his body. Grow up Chiefs fans.

Secondly, if everyone is now calling the QB sneak such a dangerous play, then what does it say when a 42 year old quarterback up in New England does it an average of 2-3 times a game? Makes you think huh? And Brady has been dealing with a calf injury this year while sneaking if just as much as when he entered the league.

My point isn’t to praise Brady (even though he should be praised for putting his body on the line each time he does that), my point is that the QB sneak is not as dangerous a play as everyone is making it seem! Just because the NFL’s Wonder Kid got injured, NOW all of the sudden we’re assessing the risk of it all. Stop.

That being said, the Chiefs aren’t going to the Super Bowl this year. Hell, they may not even get to make the trip to Foxboro for a rematch of last years AFC Championship game. And yes, that game will almost assuredly be played at Gillette Stadium.

Even if we take the best case scenario where Mahomes only missed 3 weeks. The Chiefs get the Packers, Vikings and Titans in that span. It’s not a stretch to say they could go 0-3 in those games where the only real winnable one is against Tennessee. But going into that game without Mahomes? Easily could be a loss.

And if Mahomes comes back on that 4th week, he’ll be facing the Chargers. Sure, LA’s least favorite team is a mess right now, but division games are always a struggle and Rivers has been known to get it up for the Chiefs when he wants to. That could end in a loss as well!

Now, let me remind you that the Patriots, the team KC is chasing, is currently undefeated with the Jets, Browns and Ravens coming up. All easily winnable games by a team with the GOAT being backed by the best defense in football.

That’s not good for Mahomes and his squad.

Let’s just say Mahomeboy comes back and brings his team all the way to the AFC Title game somehow, that’s still an L. Coming off an injury that won’t be fully healed until the offseason with surgery, playing in the cold, against a legendary defense, all with no running game to speak of and a defense that couldn’t stop an 82 year old atom Beady, nevermind a 42 year old GOAT. Yeah, how’s that gonna work out for ya?

P.S. Can we stop with the #PrayForMahomes bullshit? The guy popped out a knee. He didn’t snap his leg in half or break his neck. Enough.

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