Lebron James Loves China’s Dirty Money

I’m gonna try my best to take my bias against Lebron James out of this, okay? This issue is too big for minor quabbles or petty arguments. Too big for me to bring up Lebron’s drinking habits or how he acts at his kids sporting events. Too big to talk about how he’s a selfish, fake caring individual who’s only out to make himself look good. Way too important to sprinkle in facts as to why he’ll never be Jordan.

I wouldn’t do that. Because ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we have a real problem on our hand.

To put it frankly: Lebron James supports Communism (as long as it benefits him).

Im not saying he’s a communist. I don’t have the authority to make such a claim. Is he a capitalist who moonlights as a communist sympathizer? I didn’t say that.

But what we do know, is that the second you even kind of mess with Bron Bron’s money, you’ve make his list. And Daryl Morey…

Fight For Freedom, Stand With Hong Kong.

It’s that simple. Stand for people who are being oppressed in a place ran by Communism and being assaulted by police. That’s all Morey wanted to get across. That simple point. But not on Lebron’s watch!

Did Lebron James forget who he claims to be? Someone who stands up for injustices around the world. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” right Bronny?

Your words you quoted from MLK. Not mine.

Lebron’s version of the quote should read: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere….but effecting my money is an injustice I simply can’t stand for!”

This guy is a fucking fraud.

Why else would James come out so strongly against Morey’s tweet? He says Morey was “not thinking about others” and “only thinking about yourself”, which are two things James should actually be very familiar with. But Morey’s tweet was the very opposite of selfishness, so Lebron’s statement makes no sense.

Speaking of not making sense, what the hell is a word/sentence feud? It was like Lebron forgot how to form a sentence to go into this feud with. Just an absolute bizarre thing to say.

What pissed me off was hearing the False King say Morey wasn’t “educated on the situation at hand..and he spoke”. Lebron has already said himself that he’s barely educated on the topic, so how can he claim that Morey isn’t educated when this fraud knows less than he claims Morey knows!? It makes no sense whatsoever.

He tried to explain his comments though, but really didn’t change anything.

So..what are these mysterious ramifications Lebron keeps referring to? Did people rebel against the team in China? Did someone get hurt? Was there this groundswell of animosity towards American athletes? No.

I have a question I’d love to hear someone ask Bron Bron though. How the hell is someone going to get spiritually hurt from this? Nevermind financially, physically and emotionally, but spiritually harmed? What the hell does that even mean? Someone in the front office of an NBA team standing up for human injustice is going to financially, physically, emotionally AND spiritually harm someone??? God damn, Daryl Morey must’ve said some truly vile things! (He didn’t).

No. What this comes down to is that China has a HUGE fanbase for the NBA and if Morey pisses them off too much, they’ll revolt. If they revolt, they’ll stop watching and stop buying merch. And what does that mean? Lebron won’t make or have the opportunity to make as much money. Or that his trips to China may be slightly inconvenienced somehow.

These protests, by the way, have now taken on a police brutality stance as well. But Lebron doesn’t care to know that. Just as long as the money keeps coming in!

The NBA continuing to act like nothing is wrong here is the equivalent of the WWE continuing to run shows in Saudi Arabia knowing what’s going on over there.

So the motto is: Stand up to injustices, but only when it doesn’t impact my pocket? Got it.

P.S. This is absurd too. This is your king!?

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