The Browns Are Still The Browns

I was initially writing a blog about how the Washington Redskins R-Words (still don’t know where we landed on that whole issue) have become the laughing stock of the NFL. Taking the mantle from the Browns, Lions, Jets or Giants. But then I saw last nights game and, I gotta tell ya, the Browns are back baby!

Not the “Baker Mayfield has Landry, Njoku, OBJ and a strong running game to go along with a much improved defense. They could make the Super Bowl!” Cleveland Browns. I’m talking about the “logo-less, paper-bag-over-head, skilled but inexperienced” Browns.

Sure they’re a lot more entertaining than they used to be with the QB carousel they were working with and no real stars to speak of, but the result has been mostly the same. Embarrassing and underwhelming.

8/22. 100 yards. 2 interceptions. 1 fumble.

I mean my god, that is atrocious. I was going to saw that 22 passes is too few for a QB like Baker, but maybe that was too many. That first pick was horrible. It seems to be a tool in every young QB’s arsenal where they chuck it up while under pressure hoping for…something? Anything?

What I will not do is blame Mayfield for the second int. If I’m the coach, I’m making Callaway catch balls at the goal line until he has blisters. I don’t care if you just came back off suspension. You just can’t let this happen.

Speaking of things you can’t let happen, OBJ….what was the goal here?

The biggest occurrence in the NFL that makes me clench my fists and yell at my TV is when players run backwards. What are you doing? RUNNING BACKWARDS IS NOT WHAT YOU WANT TO DO! To score you need to go down the field, not back up it. My very own Julian Edelman has been known to do this here and there and it makes me spaz out every time.

I’m well aware that sometimes it works, but that’s besides the point. Odell was doomed here. There was no conceivable way this was gonna end well for him. This isn’t you trying to fool 2 or 3 defenders on a screen play. This is an entire team barreling down there field trying to knock your block off. Don’t. Run. Backwards. And if you’re gonna make that mistake, you best not add a fumble on top of it all! A guy that can make one hand catches in his sleep gets the ball knocked out after a defender taps him? Be better, or you won’t get invited on the next boat trip with Trey Songz this off-season.

But going back to Baker, what’s going on here? His offensive line was fine last week and hasn’t really been a huge issue so it can’t be that. He has the weapons. He has the running game. So what is it? Coaching? Could be. Freddie K. is clearly having a rough go of it but if you actually watch Mayfield play, he’s just not progressing.

With all the antics and bravado that Baker does and has, you can’t play like shit. You gotta show up. It’s like in baseball if you have a flashy batting stance, you can’t have a .192 average. If you have bright ass cleats on, you can’t average 15 catches and 120 yards a season. And if you wake up every morning ‘feeling dangerous’ like Baker does, you can’t regress and fail to meet expectations.

I’m not saying he won’t eventually get there, but the fact that he just put up the stat line he did is certainly not what you’re looking for. Oh well. I guess the Browns aren’t who we thought they were. A 6-10 or 7-9 record would be wildly disappointing for this franchise who, in the off-season, were everyone’s darlings.

But that’s where it seems like they’re going.

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