Mahomes and Chiefs Get Throttled By Colts

Patrick Mahomes and his Chiefs are being penciled in as the best team in the league. Mahomes himself is being referred to as an NFL God by many while they polish up his second MVP Trophy. I’ve heard pundit after pundit claim that no one can beat this team, let alone slow them down.

The 2-2 Indianapolis Colts who just gave up 31 points to the Raiders last week beat the undefeated Chiefs 19-13. I’d call that slowing them down.

If your the Chiefs, you can’t be happy with your performance going up against the 16th ranked defense. Literally as average as you can get. You supposedly have this unstoppable offense helmed by the Greek God of Passing…….and you only score 13 points.

Now listen, I get that every team has bad games. I don’t think this offense will suddenly suck for the rest of the year. But this game pulled back the curtain when it comes to this KC team. They’re not these world beaters that everyone wants to believe they are.

First of all, let me just get this out of the way. When you’re nearing the two minute mark in a game where you’re down 2 scores with no timeouts, under no circumstances can you take a sack. Throw it away. Throw it at a receivers feet. Even just chuck it up and deal with the intentional grounding if need be. But NEVER take a sack.

Fortunately for the Wonder Kid, Colts backer Kemoko Turay seemed to have twisted his ankle right out of his socket so play had to be stopped anyway. But your QB has to be smarter than that.

Mahomes is tremendous at running around and extending plays that normally result in a positive for his team. But the reason I, and many other people, can’t buy him as the future GOAT or put too much stock into him staying this consistent is actually because of that very skill.

This is the NFL. It’s only a matter of time before your luck runs out or defenses start game planning against you scrambling around back there. And I think that’s what we’re gonna start to see this year. If you take that aspect away from Mahomes, then you knock him down a few pegs. Which is what happened last night.

Another thing this Colts D did very well was get pressure on the quarterback without sending multiple rushers. Indy was getting home by only sending 4 or 5 guys at Patty. And their backend held up long enough for him to hold the ball a little extra and for the rush to get there.

That’s a blueprint teams can build upon.

And there’s on team in particular that has a very specific set of skills in order to perfect this attack: the New England Patriots.

The Pats are #1 in sacks and interceptions this year. They’re the top rated defense overall and it’s honestly not even that close. Before everyone falls in love with this high flying offense and make claims that Kansas City is far and away the best team in the league, take a seat and look at this.

A team that has zero defense (ranked 25 overall seems generous) and no legitimate running game is not coming to Foxboro and beating the defending Champs. Ain’t happening.

So while 4-1 and second place in the AFC is great, tread lightly here. The Chiefs have more holes than people want to admit.

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