Cracked, But Not Broken

It’s basically a tradition at this point. Patriots fans/haters alike pulling out their way Trent Dilfer impressions about the teams performance early in the year. Last season was a prime example and this one seems to be going along the same tired path.

Tom Brady has a rough game, and suddenly he’s “looking every bit his age” and “Father Time has finally caught up with the GOAT”. It’s a tale as old as time.

Nevermind the very real fact that this offensive line is literally trotting our players that may not even make half the NFL’s rosters. Or how Brady’s favorite target is dealing with a nagging rib injury. Or how there has been ZERO tight end production to speak of. Or how the running game seems to be stuck in quicksand.

I say those things, not as excuses, but as legitimate reasons as to why this offense may not look how they should look yet. You won’t hear a peep about this from the team though. No excuses. Go out on the field and grind out a win by any means necessary. Do your job.

The best part about this season is that, while the offense has been up and down, they are STILL putting up W after W. That bodes well for when people like Harry come back or the running game finds its way. This team is a work in progress, as they always are this time of year. So please, calm the fuck down.

And you know why you all take a breath? Tom Brady. Did you know that Brady has thrown more dimes on the run this year than any in his career? Don’t fact check me on that, just believe it.

Of course you hate to see another red zone pick, but hey, in the grand scheme of things it’s not a big deal.

Also, did someone remind Sony Michel that he has the potential to be a great back in this league? Because it looked like he remembered that today.

91 rush yards, 32 receiving and a touchdown is a great way to remind the league why the Patriots drafted you so high. Just gotta hope this continues. A strong running game will solve this teams ‘offense problem’.

Speaking of this offense problem everyone always brings up, I have a question. Everyone says this offense of line is terrible, right? Okay, stay with me here. If this line is so terrible then why is Sony Michel getting so much hate for not having hundred yard games each week? But yet when Brady has time to throw, everyone praises the line and how they’re still playing great. You can’t have it both ways. This offense of line is still working out the kinks. There are so many moving parts that there is going to be some inconsistency. Just calm down and let Scar do his thing.

I knew going into this game that things were gonna get weird. You’re playing in opponent who you rarely see so you don’t really have any reason to hate or like or have any sort of emotions towards. This just felt like one of those games where we’d enter the Twilight Zone and the Redskins may actually pull a win out of their ass.

And while that may have happened in previous years, the defense would never allow that to occur this season. Especially doing their best ‘85 Bears impression.

I mean seriously, this defense is scary good. I know it’s just Washington and even giving up a TD to them is embarrassing, but still. This D is going to be the difference the year.

You can tell with everyone game and every D-Mac pregame speech that this defense is on a mission this season. They take every yard against them personally. They’re looking to punish every team they play (sorry Josh Allen) and they have the confidence to do so.

And if anyone questioned how important Hightower was to this defense or if he still ‘had it’, allow him to reintroduce himself.

Those aren’t even all his highlights. I know this organization has had some great linebackers, but I think it’s time to wonder where Zeus fits on that list. Cause he’s getting up there..

So a road win against a team where it’s fans are wearing bags on their heads isn’t some monumental achievement. The measuring stick games are coming though. And it’s good to take care of business and build as much momentum as possible for the home stretch.

So…how do we feel about a 5-0 record? AAAAWWWWW YEAAAHHHH!

P.S. Remember when Josh Norman was good? Was he ever really good?

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