Brock Lesnar Squashes Kofi Kingston

Vince McMahon has this obsession with Brock Lesnar. It’s like with each passing day that Brock isn’t Champ, Vince starts to itch like a crack headed trying to find a way to get the strap back on his Beast.

And of all the ways he could’ve went with Brock’s first match on SmackDown in 15 years, this is what he decided?

If you really feel the need to strap Lesnar, given the events to end the show, why not be a little more creative with it! Build a Lesnar/Bryan type match where it looks like a run of the mill squash until Kofi actually builds up some offense, ultimately failing in the end. Or at least give Kofi some sort of credibility.

That would’ve accomplished two thing: Got the WWE Title on Lesnar, obviously. But it also would’ve kept Kofi strong and not made him look like a loser getting pinned in 8 seconds. It’s like Vince got the idea in his head of Brock vs Cain Velasquez and didn’t care how he got there.

Speaking of Cain, I don’t know, it excites me but not as much as if it were a current wrestler or returning guy coming to confront The Beast. The WWE seems to rely WAY too much on using star power of legends or atheletes from different sports recently (Ronda Rousey).

That being said, the inevitable match between the two is gonna be as hard hitting and realistic as you can get. Cain legitimately knocked Lesnar out in real life so it’ll be cool to watch their rivalry play out in a different ring now.

And did you notice Lesnar actually showed some real nervousness for the first time since, maybe the Undertaker?

If they use that correctly, that could be a very interesting wrinkle into this entire thing. Brock has finally met his match. And I’m not talking about a Goldberg flukey, one time thing. Cain has kicked Lesnar’s ass in the past, and now that same boogeyman has followed the Beast Incarnate to the squares circle.

Give me these two in a steel cage and take the reigns off em. THAT’S a slobberknocker.

P.S. I hope Kofi doesn’t just go back to the same old schtick with the New Day. Have him be the singles competitor of the group for a while while Big E and Xavier do their tag team shenanigans. Kofi vs Shinsuke? Or how about we get a heel turn! Just please keep his momentum going. He deserves it.

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