Max Kellerman Claims Tom Brady Is Now A Game Manager

I gotta hand it to this guy, he knows his gimmick and plays it to perfection. I’m talking Undertaker-level dedication here.

Kellerman has been ranting and raving about how Brady isn’t the GOAT or how he’s the most ‘accomplished’ but not the ‘best’ or whatever other adjective he tries to use as a way to put other quarterbacks ahead of him (Rodgers historically but Mahomes as of late). And of course there’s the ‘Cliff’ argument that he’s now infamously known for.

But here’s one I haven’t heard in a while. Tom Brady….Game Manager.

First of all, why do we need to keep comparing Peyton Manning’s end to what’s happening with Brady now? They couldn’t be more different. Manning always had eye popping stats. Brady did not, save for when Moss was there. Manning had freaking NECK SURGERY at the end of his career. Brady has been a pillar of health for the most part of his career. Manning would not have won unless his Broncos team had an elite defense. Brady can still win in spite of his defense of need be.

Cliff Kellerman also likes to say that Brady is declining or that he’s in decline. I’m not sure why he thinks this is some hot take. Of course Brady’s stats are gonna start to fall off. The guy is 42! He’s simply not as physically talented as he used to be, but that’s honestly not saying too much. Brady never had straight talent that would blow you away. It’s always been his brain and accuracy. And those traits have no fell off at all.

Stat suckers like Max and Nick Wright can find any statistical fact to back up whatever argument they have against Brady on any given week, but the play on the field is all anyone should care about. Brady has never been a big stats guy. Again, he makes the right play at the right time. A skill that age won’t have any effect on.

Instead of focusing on stats, focus on what’s happening in front of you. Going to the Super Bowl the last 3 years and winning 2 of them doesn’t happen by accident. And it sure as hell doesn’t happen with a game manager behind center.

Watching how frustrated Marcus Spears gets with Max while, at the same time, body bagging him was delightful though. Spears is right, that stupid little smirk Kellerman has is the most infuriating thing about this dunce.

And while I appreciate Stephen A standing up for Brady’s play, he kinda goes off the rails. He states Brady is “desperate” right now which is why he gave AB the keys to his TB12 Kingdom. That’s just not right.

Tom Brady has won and loss with less talent than he has now. You’re dealing with a quarterback who will take whatever he’s given and make the best of it. Not a certain mustached QB who plays in yellow and green who points the finger at everyone else. Or that pile of dough up in Pittsburgh. Brady isn’t desperate, he just recognized skill with Brown but unfortunately that didn’t work out.

Also, Molly…of course Brady is hurt. It’s already been reported he’s dealing with a calf injury. Your stating the obvious as some sort of brilliant point you thought of. BUT, I don’t agree when she says that’s why Brady has a bad game against the Bills.

Could it be that the Patriots ran into a legit Top 5 defense on Sunday with an injured Edelman, knicked up Gordon, no TE or running game to speak of and down a few linemen? I’m not using these as excuses, I’m just stating facts. Of course this offense was going to struggle.

This all brings me to my main point: if New England beat Buffalo by 2 scores, are we even having the conversation? 3 out of the 4 games so far this year, this offense has looked great. The minute they have one bad game, the “experts” jump all over it and claim this is the beginning of the end. Brady looks old. The defense needs to carry the team. I’m just waiting for the inevitable “Bill wants to trade Brady this season” report to come out.

I wanna see this same energy from everyone when Mahomes has a bad game. Did you hear he didn’t throw a touchdown last week? No. Of course you didn’t. Because Mahomes is everyone’s golden boy right now. I mean he can run AND look back at the same time. Legendary!

Listen, Brady and the offense sucked against the Bills. No excuses. But they pulled out a win against a division rival which are always a grind. Just because it wasn’t pretty enough for you, doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.

And it sure as shit doesn’t mean Brady has reverted to being a game manager. Dumbass.

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