Vontaze Burfict Is An NFL Criminal

In a week where we had Ravens DB Marlon Humphrey chokeslam and try to strange OBJ directly in front of a refs face…

…Burfict was certainly not gonna get shown up by any other defensive player. Especially when it comes to NFL Blitz type plays. No sir, not on Vontaze’s watch!

If you have a rooting interest in any football team, you’ve probably heard the name Vontaze Burfict thrown around. Most likely accompanied with the words “fined”, “illegal hit”, “defenseless receiver” and “asshole” not too far behind. And this Sunday Mr. Burfict, actually I won’t call him “Mr” because pieces of shit like this don’t deserve that.

On Sunday this cheap shot artist tried to decapitate another human being on the football field, again.

I’m all for hard-hitting professional football. Love it. This is a violent game with violent collisions daily.

But this? This is something different. This is putting a bounty on people’s heads and not needing a Saints coach to tell you to do so. This is a player going out there actively trying to hurt and end people’s careers. He can try to hide behind the “football is a contact sport” argument all he wants, but everyone knows what this loser is. Exactly that: a loser.

But he somehow weaseled his was to be a captain on the Oakland Raiders. Great organization you’re running over there Gruden. Let go of guys like Amari Cooper and Khalil Mack and replace them with Antonio Brown and this asshat.

This isn’t the act of idiocy by Vontaze this season though. Unless you think randomly punching people at the end of plays is cool.

I’m not gonna run through this punks rap sheet, it’s too long. One YouTube search and you can see all the douchebagery and just straight up criminalist behavior you want by this guy. Just know that in his career he’s been suspended 22 games costing him a whopping $4,622,182 in salary on top of an additional $411,064 in fines.

How someone like this is still repeatedly given chance after chance to assault player after player every week is baffling to me. The league should be embarrassed. It’s only a matter of time before he literally murders someone on the field. Gonna hide behind the shield then too, Roger?

Imagine if this guy smoked weed though? He’d be out of the league.

One thought on “Vontaze Burfict Is An NFL Criminal

  1. I have been asking for this jerk to be kicked out of the NFL, finally they’ve done it and I hope is permanently. He and Ndamukong Suh are the dirtiest players in the league but at least Suh has mellowed out in the last two seasons. He doesn’t deserve to be in it though.


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