NFL Fans Want Jones Locked Up For “Illegal” Hit On Josh Allen

Unfortunately I was too busy slaving away at work (on a Sunday!) to actually watch the Pats/Bills game live, but I watched a good amount of it afterwards. While doing so, I was looking for this violent, illegal, borderline criminal hit that Jonathan Jones delivered on Josh Allen. For all I’ve heard, I was expecting Allen’s head to be barely hanging on.

And this was it?

I know Patriots hate runs deep with many of the NFL faithful. I know many players and fanatics hate seeing my team repeatedly use their teams as a warm up for the Super Bowl. I also know that envy clouds common sense and that’s exactly what’s happening here.

Nothing about this play is illegal. Jones did not lead with his head. He actually tried to lead with his shoulder if you pay attention.

Oh and by the way, helmet to helmet contact isn’t illegal in the NFL. People seem to be forgetting that. Lowering the helmet is what’s illegal.

I mean, here’s the rule:

Article Number 8 of the NFL Rule Book: “It is a foul if a player lowers his head to initiate and make contact with his helmet against an opponent”

So by the looks of this play in comparison with the actual rule, Allen is the one who lowered his head here. If anything HE should’ve been called for a penalty.

But of course, if there is any helmet contact, or if the play sounds like a hard hit, and especially when person on the receiving end stays down on the field, the refs are going to throw the flag every single time. I understand that. There will almost certainly be a fine coming Jones’ was this week, but by no means should he be suspended.

Wanna see a dirty hit?

THAT is intent. THAT is a play there should be “no room in football” for Mr. McDermott.

I was actually surprised Jones wasn’t thrown out if were being honest. Not because the hit illegal, oh no. But because these refs have been trained to overreact to any contact to the head just to make it look like they actually care about player safety.

So Dictator Goodell will most likely suspend Jones for one game in addition to a hefty fine while all the NFL World will rejoice in their “I Hate New England” footie pajamas. At the end of the day, the Patriots won a close game against a division rival with a legit top 5 defense. And no amount of envious fist pounding or tears of hatred will change that.

And while we’re at it, yes, the offense looked as though they were trying their hardest to give the Bills a chance in this game. Almost nothing was working for Brady and crew today. But before you throw Brady’s stats out there while saying “SEE! SEE! How is he the goat!? CLIFF!” Just remember, a bad game doesn’t define an entire season of play. So you just sound like an annoying little pissant who can’t handle the fact that this quarterback just keeps defying the odds.

I can only imagine people like Shannon Sharpe tomorrow: “This is your GOAT? HA! Can I interest you in 18 of 39 for 150 yards and to tubs? With an interception and a passer rating of 45.9!? I thought this was the greatest quarterback of all time!? I think Father Time has finally come!”

This team is very clearly going to be led by their defense this year. I think 4 ints and a punt block for a TD is a good sign of that. The plan the entire time has been to surround Brady with a good running game and a capable defense as he gets closer to the football grim reaper. While the former is taking some time to warm up, this defense is ready to do whatever it takes to drag the team to victory.

4-0. We’re onto Washington.

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